Thursday, March 31, 2005

6:09 pm
1/2 DAY LEFT TIL SPRING BREAK 05!!!!! YEEEEE! that makes me happy happy happy. basically all i have to do tonight is write a psych essay. whee. not. but i have already gotten so much done and it's awesome! lalalalaaa. tonight lizzie and i are going to dsa to see "damn yankees" that robby is playing drums in. yay. tomorrow on oprah they are having the cast of seinfeld! ooee. ok i should go write my essay... wait i can't! mom has to be home! hahahahahaha. nevermind! lalalala.
be with
megan going to honduras
mollie to boston
the sr girls going to florida
robby to sapelo
ben to new orleans
LK and andy to paris (grrr!)
et al.
it rained up a storm today (ha! literally!) and the corner of willevee and somewhere else is a LAKE-- there was a duck in it when the schoolbus drove by! hahaha. i hope it is sunnier tomorrow. i want to wear my pretty new skirt. i need to buy a prom dress soon.
god bless the soul of terri schiavo. now she is in peace, though still being fought over in death.
and god bless the pope. strengthen him.
god bless the world please.

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