Friday, March 25, 2005

5:31 pm
agggh friday. today got increasingly bad... i am not one to be run over, but i feel like i make it happen sometimes even though i want to yell and scream and kick. maybe i will.
anyway, 82 on physics test bc of curve. thank god. i technically failed but who gives a damn when it's a 16 point curve and it makes you get a B????
allie and addy came to lunch-- i had A again. it was fun, and nice and warm outside. i am glad to get to spend time w/ my gals later tonight.
i heart ms D and ms t-sang and ms strickland. and julia.and mommy and oprah
immature bus riders PISS ME OFF.... jeezzzzus god give them more respect for others and damn it, FOR THEMSELVES!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHGH. GROW THE HELL UP!
tonight are the soccer games, then girls' night, then robby and i are going to breakfast tomorrow morning. david's getting in tonight too. i do not have that much hw this weekend. i am listening to wonderful flamenco guitar by ottmar leibert. i heart him too. he reminds me of 6th grade and orange carpets and innocence.
i do not want it to thunderstorm on easter. waaah. oh well, at least it is actually springyish outside. and actually friday.
peace out

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Anonymous said...

Haha i love you. oops sorry robby. whatever, maybe we can set up like an education program for bus riders. haha jk. Love,Julia (even if you were talking about like Julia Roberts). And i had an awesome time at the game, i am glad you came!! And my voice is coming back.
Love, Julia for real this time