Saturday, March 19, 2005

5:06 pm
i am wearing bath and bodyworks juniper breeze lotion so i smell like sixth grade and i am singing sixth gradeish songs like "meet virginia," "the great beyond," and "desert rose." i love how saturday afternoon/evenings always remind me of that time, esp. if i listen to spanish guitar or prairie home companion. the color is orange because that was the color of my old rug at my old house. anyway, je suis rambling. oh well.
last night robby and i went to see the sagamore play, well first we went to lettuce souprise you with his parents. then we saw the play that rachael directed-- wayside school! i loove those books. it was funny and cute. i remember being in elementary school and doing the theatre club plays and just loving being on stage. then we went back to his house and relaxed and hung out. twas very nice.
today i went to breakfast at panera w/ mommy and then i went to habitat all day to get NHS hours. maia, audrey, omar, omar, affan, riyaz, and altaf all went too. it was a really nice group of kids and i liked the church group that was leading it. it was in the earlyish stages so we hammered windows in and such. yummy spaghetti for lunch. got home around 4:30ish and took a shower. later we are going to the antleys for dinner.
this next weekend is gonna be hectic. first, holy week. crazy already! then, girls night hopefully this coming weekend. (also friday is the LHS-DHHS soccer game but i dunno bc it's good friday!) david is coming in on friday night and leaving sunday afternoon to see mollie so i want to see him and get him over there. then, easter! phew!! we are singing in church tomorrow. god i just pray that it will all go well and be enjoyable (these next weeks) and that i can have time for all that i want and who i want to be with. i've been missing my girls lately and really want to spend time with them! speaking of which, HAPPY BIRTHDAY ADDY AND HANNAH P.! :)
a year ago was a great day. it was a friday and it was b-e-a-utiful outside and i went to the tennis match to watch lk, megs, lizzie, etc. play. we lolled around on the grass of the secret field in the sun and i yelled cheers when i didn't know what was going on. gosh, it was so wonderful. yayee.
god be with us all.

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