Wednesday, March 02, 2005

5:03 pm

today is better so far! physics hopefully won't be so bad tomorrow-- i am studying w/ a tutor a bit and with robby too. also, i get to go to the godspell party tonight!!! eeee! then robby and i will study. YEEHAH! english is ok. i need to work some on my essay but i've already read what i need to of the bluest eye tomorrow. psych was pretty good and i hope i can talk to ms. B soon about my topic for the paper. yummy lunch again. APUSH test was pretty easy. yayee! and i already did the reading too. and--- My French presentation went REALLLLLLLLLY well!!!! yayyayayyay. i am sooo glad it is done. phew. so we leave soon to go to this tutor, then party with best buds, then studying with my darling boy. it's pretty and sunny today. it snowed a bit yesterday! still cold today.
have compassion, benny just lost his cat
-my dog, but i appreciate that

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