Wednesday, March 16, 2005

5 pm
it is a dreary mucky day outside. it should not be this way when it's 5 days before spring! oh yeah and it is cold too.
today was fine, not as long as yesterday seemed, and for some reason it seemed soooooo long. hrrmm. but today i went in early to take an essay for history and stuff. then in physics he gave us a pop quiz for the hw grade and i got 100!! and my team = matt, maggie, and frank got 3rd place in the review game so we got 1 bonus point! hahha. they make me laugh, those boys. lordie. in english we took our quiz so we have basically no homework. in TOK we talked about reasoning. at lunch i sat w/ robby and carmen and martha and melissa and JJ et al were at the other table (except for the psych people bc for some reason they had A lunch). in history she lectured. then i came home and have been relaxing and ate 2 tagalongs. robby is gonna come study for APUSH and physics tests soon. i need to call the mollster before she goes to NYC tomorrow. daddy just called, he'll be home tomorrow. i think i have to work habitat this saturday if i want to have enough NHS hours. humm. ladeedaaaaaaaaaaaa. ok that's all. stir fry for le diner. au revoir.
ms. t-sang physics day on friday!!! yeeeeyayyyeee!!

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