Thursday, March 24, 2005

4:59 pm
i haven't written in awhile. hrm
saturday night-- went to the antley's and ate terra cotta pizza and brownies and ice cream and almost fell asleep on their wonderful couch and extreeemely comfy blanket.
sunday-- sang in church for palm sunday, went to lunch w/ nana and mommy at the club, came home and relaxed/worked, went to choir and practiced a lot and then ran youth which went pretty well. JOY!
monday-- school-- first day of graduation testing. SOOOOOOOOO Easy. wow. time to sleep and relax and do nothing and no physics! yesss. then went to beth's and then went home and basically worked on psychology paper.
tuesday-- school-- more testing... after school went home, oh and it was storming really hard, then that night was swim banquet at the ramsays'. ahhh their momma makes the BEST FOOD EVER!!!!!!!!!! burritos and cookies and german chocolate cake!! and then at the awards everyone laughed a lot and it was fun and funny and i hung out w/ MKT and allie and kirsten and kara. and i got an award!! a gatorade "will to win award". yayee! cammack said when introducing me-- "we could put her in any event... and she sends the LONGEST EMAILS!!" hahaha. yay. i love that team.
then i came home and worked and finished my psych paper at 1 in the morning. PHEW!
wednesday-- school-- testing...-- then A lunch, silly ms. bassett when she doesn't tell us that. anyway i presented my psych presentation first!! yayeeee so now it is over. then matt b. and walter went. then later i went to a youth council mtg. and we delivered the eastah bunny baskets! hehe. fun stuff. then amy took me home and i called robby and we talked for a little over an hour. that made me happy.
today-- last day of testing. easy. jessi, ellen, and lauren are so much fun to talk to. yayee. then i went to TOK which was fine. then ate B lunch, yay! lunch is sooo hysterical. carmen and her waterbottle, looord. and melissa was laughing so hard she was basically crying! ahh i love my friends. lalalala. it is a gorgeous day. i am talking to allie about girls' night!!! yeeehah! can't wait, it's tomorrow night. dadadaaaaaaaaaaa. like a week til spring break!!! THANK GOD.
love claireybear

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