Monday, March 28, 2005

4:33 pm
3.5 days til spring break... aggggh.
LK's party was pretty fun, we ate food and had an easter egg hunt in the dark-- yay for lizzie time-- and watched some of "the incredibles." very clever movie. then maggie took JJ, me, lizzie, and peter home.
yesterday was nice. dad and i met mollie, ellen, and DAVID at caribou for breakfast!!!! yayeeee!! i was so happy to see david. i am so glad he came into town, if even for a weekend. i would have hated to not see him til christmastime. we ate and had fun and discussed movies, politics, etc. well they mainly discussed but i liked listening and being in their company. then we walked to the yaab for sun. school and it was so good to have mollie there, and david too. robby, vinnies, candler, mase, the normal crowd was there. then the service was great, i always love easter. tons of people flow in and flow in and flow in and laura, austin, etc. were there too! i sat down front for the processional, "christ the lord is risen today," soooo amazing. i love singing that song with the choir going down and the huge crowd singing so loudly. yayee. then i went to the balcony and sat between david and robby for the rest of the time. lallala. yay big brother and boyfriend. nice service. the hallelujah chorus was excellent. i sang alto awesomely with mollie helping me, and cynthia was there! and i loved being able to look across and see david, robby, austin, mase, daddy, chris hooker, all of these strong men that i love. and have mollie behind me. then afterwards i said bye to david and robby (one i will see sooner than the other) and took pics w/ them. then nana, pop pop, dad, mase, mom, and i went to athens'. pop pop chipped his tooth on an olive pit! :*( then we came home and relaxed and it started pouring and raining and thundering and lightning. we went to NN and PP's for dinner and david, kel, the kids, ML, johnny, the kids were all there. good foodstuffs and everything but the childrens were a bit wild so it got old kinda fast. then we drove home in the hard rain instead of going to youth. oh well. came home and watched pirates of the carribean. went to bed by 10:30.
today was ok... physics is annoying but hopefully i can survive 3.5 more days til a 10.5 day break. questions due tomorrow. english was fine, i love ms. donovan. she has met david schwimmer! cooool. TOK was fun too. i love KR. yay. lunch was fine, carmen is hilarious and i like sitting w/ melissa and JJ and robby and martha even though she thinks we're crazy. APUSH was actually interesting bc we talked about JFK's assassination and listened to radio excerpts from the day. then i went and talked to ms. welsh and mme jules re:schedule and IB french. now i am home and listening to collective soul and drinking tea and have to go to YLD soon.
peace out

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