Saturday, March 26, 2005

4:21 pm
ok i am blogging for adrienne, lol.
the past 24ish hours have been good.
ate publix sandwich and watched oprah with momma yesterday, then later walked the doggies and went to the dhhs-lhs soccer games. lots of people there, great crowd. addy, vic, marty, rae, MOLLIE!, emmy!, megs, lk, nathan, allie (wearing ben's hat), ben, etc. etc. i cannot name them all... lots drunk moshpit kids but still it is enjoyable and school spirity to me. great adults there too!! so many people come, it's really a great community event. it is always strange to see lakeside people from shamrock. but it was all so fun. and good teachers came too. and yayayayay. the gals lost and the guys won. yayee.
then moi, addy, allie, megan, and emmy went back to megan's place. kirsten had made cookies and brownies etc. allie and megan went back to allie's house to get her a dress to change in to and we saw them turn into the driveway but then they didn't come in... and kirsten is peering out the kitchen window, wondering where they are, when they JUMP up in front of the window and start banging on it!! oh my gosh it was soooooooo scary! kirsten and adrienne were on the floor in like 3 seconds. and they came in and we were all laughing so hard... last night was a night for laughs. yeehah. anyway, then we changed into pretty dresses and modeled and took pictures and went outside in the driveway and *ahem* were polite children, at least MOST of us... *ahem* then we changed back into normal clothes and brought a blanket out into the driveway and lay down and talked about everything... then we went in the living room and talked for a long time about what we're gonna be like when we are 28, love, weddings, present-day events, etc. so interesting. we have such a history, us girls. yay. and we are getting so old! lordlordlord. then we put on "the incredibles" and went to bed.
today we woke up around 8ish and megs had to leave for a meeting so the four of us sat outside and made up a "david anderson" song for allie... then the robbmeister came and picked me up and we went to breakfast at evan's. it was nice to get some alone time since we have both been really busy this week. then we went back to his place and hung out for awhile. yayeeee my boy. i aime him, as georgia nicolson would say.
then he took me to lakeside where mason had a soccer game. i ate chik-fil-a and sat w/ rae, daddy, mommy, and chris antley. they lost but it was sooooo nice outside and i enjoyed watching and talking to rae and mom et al. then rae took mase home and mom and i went shopping at the mall, to look for prom dresses and such. i didn't get a dress but i got a cute blue skirt and top that is v. springy. yayee. david called several times re: tomorrow and mollie, it was good to talk to him. i also talked some to lizzie. mommy tried on pretty dresses. she is so beautiful. she is modeling for me now with different combinations.
yawn so yeah now i am home and relaxing. i should be doing some work... ok i will i promise. tonight LK is having an easter egg thing at her house. i will wear my pretty skirt and top and bring my camera. maggie can take me, yay. tomorrow is EEEEASTER! ok. love and springyness,

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