Sunday, March 06, 2005

4:08 pm
aloha, on friday it was nice bc i had nothing to do after school so i just relaxed and mom and i went out to dinner at melton's etc. and it was sooo nice to not be rushing anywhere and such.
yesterday i went to meet danielle to help me organize some stuff. then i went home and did hw and walked with mom and dad and the dogs in the blustery weather. i made my potatoes and listened to diana krall and it reminded me of 6th grade springiness. robby came over and we ate steak and stuff w/ the fam and watched "gladiator". really good movie. we also brusters, yummy. :) yayee.
today i went to sunday school and church and wore a skirt because it wasn't freezing!! chris was at church bc he is on spring break, yayyy! then i came home and ate blimpi and napped and walked dogs and worked more. tonight we are gonna go see cotton patch at DFUMC which should be cool. i am almost done w/ homework!!! yeehah!

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