Saturday, March 12, 2005

11:00 pm
ok, this is far more surreal than uncle ed dying.
mollie's dad died this morning. it's unreal, it's insane. he was only 50 and he had a heart attack while he was running, like he ALWAYS does.
apart from that, school was on lockdown for 2-3 hours today bc of that shooting at the fulton co. courthouse. we were in english and ms. adamson was in there too to talk to us about CAS so it was actually fun, ms donovan taught people yoga and dancing and ms. adamson talked w/ people and we just hung out. all the lunch periods were done by that time though. so around 1something pm, mr patrick and mom come to the door and she pulls me outside and says that mollie's dad died this morning. and i was just in shock. i kept saying jesus christ over and over, and i think i may have scared some people bc they must've thought something was wrong w/ me or something. and i told megan bc... i just had to. then we went and got mason (it had taken mom like an hour to get to us bc of the lockdown, btw) and went home for like 15 minutes. then mom and i went straight over to mollie's house.
i stayed there from like 2:30-9 pm. rachel was there, thank god. i am so glad we go way back too, to GS. all of their family is there too, from TX and NC and such. ellen... god, she is my second mother. it's insanity. judith told molls this morning. everyone was over there. gabe was there, then he left, then melissa and emma and jenny and her english teacher and so many people came... and we laughed a lot. and had allons food. i liked all her friends. shruti, emmy came!! and megs too for a bit. steve came, john and helen were there which made me really happy and rob is coming into town tonight for SB, thank god. it was all surreal but comforting in a way... i am just glad i could be there for her because it's so incomprehensible. she's afraid this sadness will cripple her when it actually hits. i know it won't. i pray it won't. she is one of the strongest people in the world, it won't. mom came and picked me up at 9ish; shru, em, and melissa were still with her.
the funeral is on monday. i am so glad we are all going, robby's going. austin is going to come bc i told him, thank god. god, i wish david were home or at least online. i talked to robby on the phone for a long time which was good, and daddy is home, and now i am talking to hallie!!! and adrienne! phew. crazyness. i need to sleep.
god rest the good, good soul of bill mcfee.
grant peace and solace.

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