Tuesday, February 08, 2005

5:39 pm
ok, i am finally getting around to starting to write about Close Up. i kept my journal while i was there with a basic itinerary of what we did. i'm not going to do all 7 days right at this moment, but hopefully sometime soon it'll all be complete for you all to read and enjoy. hehe. okay.

Day 1: Sunday, January 23, 2005
~6:40 AM= met at MARTA- so DAMN FREEZING! Wheeek! Took MARTA to the airport for about 45 minutes-1 hour (highlights= the doors closing unkindly on Adrienne and Freddy, Mr. Palmer dropping his coke)
~8-9:45 AM= got through security and waited to board (highlights= Starbucks at the airport)
~9:45-11:20 AM= flew on a TINY jet to Dulles (highlights= listening to Robby's "DC CD"-- hehe palindrome-- and looking out the window and drinking coke)
~11:20-1:20 PM= got luggage, waited, went on a bus to the hotel (highlights= riding on a shuttle bus to the main terminal in the SNOWSNOWSNOWSNOW, Megan and me singing "meet me in st. louis" when we found out we were going with st. louis people, sitting w/ Robby on the nice warm bus and listening to music)
~1:30-6:45 PM= registered and got settled in the Hilton Alexandria Mark Center (see http://hotel.undercovertourist.com/hotel-images/l/WAS_hilton-alexandria-mark-center_1.jpg for picture-- I still cannot figure out how to post pics on this site, grr), relaxed, watched "Man in the Iron Mask" on TV with Megan and Maggie in my and Megs' room (812); then went to Clyde's sports bar with Kate, Calloway, Adrienne, Maggie, Megan, and Robby-- all the others had already gone to watch the falcons' game. We got a little lost but had fun playing in the glorious snoooow and finally got there. ate "lunch" at 4:30 and hung out, called Melissa, etc. hehe. Then went back and M&M& I watched "X2" in our room. Also hung out in the gorgeous lobby- this is a DAMN NICE HOTEL!!! And of course, my boy found a piano to play all week :) :) yayee! met 2 guys from St. Louis, Ryan and Dan Peterson (aka Dan the Hat Guy-- there were 2 Dan P.'s from St. Louis)
6:45-8 PM= ate a yummy hotel dinner (mmmm they have the best food!!), hung out with Maggie, Robby, and Jon, the senior from DHHS in the dining room. Also talked to Dan the Hat Guy from St. Louis who reminds me of Austin (trenchcoat and hat) + Thomas (randomness) and himself. Wild sweet orange tea!! mmm. Megan fell asleep in the room.
8-8:45 PM= orientation while Megs was asleep!! :( head lady, Susan, explained all rules and stuff and the procedures and introduced all PIs (program instructors), young people in their 20s i bet: sophie, jeremy, paul, kaitlin, thomas, and michael. then we all went to our first workshops.
8:45-9 PM= Maggie and I got Megan and Megan and I ran to our first workshop
9-10 PM= 1st workshop with workshop #3 with paul! Cool-- DJ and Ian were in it too, plus people from Texas and Missouri-- Katy, Jasmin, Zachary, Vincent, Zack, and Joey. Paul is nice too. we each told about our state and dispelled stereotypes and what we wanted people to know about it.
10-10:50 PM= talked to Mom and Dad, hung out with Robby darling, Megs, Maggie, and Jon in the lobby, went to the nurse and showed her my medication, etc.
11 PM= in the room-- Megs and i didn't have roommates yet!! we watched "Ya Ya Sisterhood" on TBS and went to bed

ok, that's the first day! hehe.

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