Wednesday, February 09, 2005

4:55 PM
okay, on to the 1st full day of Close Up:

Monday, January 24, 2005:
6:30 AM= alarm rang
7 AM= wake up call, Megs and I woke up
7:30 AM= breakfast with Robby, Megs, and Maggie-- yay for hotel food and butterballs! hehe
8:15-9:25 AM= workshop re: liberal vs. conservative qualities in politics; Mexicans arrived-- Mario, Victor, David, and Miguel were in our group; DJ and the NJ guys took to calling Miguel "Luigi" so it could be "Mario and Luigi," ha ha ha those original guys.
9:25-11:25 AM= what was supposed to be a seminar at a federal building (Roosevelt maybe?) but the speaker never showed up, so we just talked and discussed politics... one note. On Sun. at orientation, Susan asked for questions and wanted the first speaker to demonstrate "seminar protocol," aka stand up, say your name, where you're from, then ask the question. The first guy that got up was a tall, slightly stocky, curly haired guy-- "Dan Pawlowicz, St. Louis, Missouri." I cannot write down the way he said it-- as if he was in charge of the room-- but anyway, he was the first one to speak. So on Monday when we were "discussing" things, of course who was the first to get up and speak? "Dan Pawlowicz." hehe. He is SO INTELLIGENT, and stood up multiple times, each time saying "Dan Pawlowicz, St. Louis, MO," each time saying it faster because after the first 2 times everyone knew who he was. Robby talked, I talked, lots of Atl. people talked- Matt, Megs, etc. and I think I left my favorite hat ever there!! :(:( oh well... sigh.
10:30-12:40 PM= Jefferson and George Mason memorials (in the snow)
12:40-1:20 PM= drove to Chinatown for lunch but took FOREVER because of the Right to Life March pro-lifers.-- have I mentioned Kaitlin, our other workshop leader? She is AWESOME.. she went to school at TC williams, "remember the titans" school, and of course the movie was filmed at OUR school! she was so much fun and enjoyable. yay. ok continuing.
1:25-2 PM= Megs and I ate yummy lunch at this sandwich place, Potbelly's

OK ya know what I am being a wimp and going to do work and will finish this later...
Clairey bear

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