Wednesday, February 16, 2005

4:55 pm
man ok screw the whole tell about close up thing. someday when i am a famous author all my journals shall be published for your personal enjoyment. after i'm deceased of course. you expect to be able to read that stuff when i'm alive?? hehe. jk. anyway, i'll try for that some other time.
today is a SPRIIIIIIING DAY even though it's february. my pink spring tree is blooming in the backyard! yeehah! hehe. plus friday is a half day and my cold is feeling better and i don't have that much homework and i don't have to go anywhere today! ANYWHERE! ahhh! AND i figured out how to use my scanner!! wheeeeeee! hehe. happyness.
am talking to katie ob and DAVID! have missed correspondence w/ him. we're both extremely busy, us juniors of different levels.
3 YEARS AGO TODAY-- robin hood and austin's "i just want an italian sandwich!" and david's pterodactyl noises; hilarious phone call
2 YEARS AGO TODAY-- "buffy-- the children were born in sweat and pain?" "and then i killed them with a hymnal. :)"
hmmmm... last year i guess was our town. "cole, her left hand. LEFT! LEFT!"
it's so cool that for 4 years in a row february 16th meant something. in 2005 in means that i am doing nothing tonight and enjoying it!! heehee.
and tomorrow i will have had this loverly thing of a blog for 3 straight years. lordie lordie, le temps doth flee!!
this weekend:
thursday = french, rehearsal (WE BESEECH THEE!!!)
friday= 1/2 day! time w/ robby, dinner, go to mollie's jazz concert
saturday= rehearsal 10-1
sunday= sing in church, rehearsal, choir, relaxation night!
monday= no school!! get together w/ molls, maybe megs? BILL COSBY: HIMSELF! we memorized it in like 5th grade... ah the days of dentists and CHOCLATE CAKE!!
david is telling me to pressure robby about eagle... sigh, silly big brother. the 2 long haired guys in my life... brother and boyfriend, yayee for them both.
ooh it looks stormy outside.
robby's song for me won "reflections!" whoohooooooOOoo. and i swear valentine's got to everyone this year... maia and owen, daniella and richard, maggie and peter... lordy!
i got 2 red carnations and chocolate and a letter. :) yayee.
LIFE JUST WANTS TO SHAKE US UP!!!! --"let's mingle"

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