Monday, February 21, 2005

11:33 am
music = ottmar leibert, flamennnco guitar!

friday = 1/2 day!! easy stuff in school. jess's and my egg cracked, but oh well. it was still an ingenius pyramid design. the fire alarm went off during A lunch. randomness. i went home w/ robby on his bus and we went to the store and bought cookie dough and made sugar and chocolate chip cookies and decorated them with red icing. he made a physics problem!! aaack! and we watched "seinfeld: live on broadway" too. then we hung out and talked and such and ate dinner w/ his family, and went to mollie's jazz concert at paideia. it was great funness, every bit of it, and i love how we just do whatever we feel like and are so comfortable. yay and yum. the concert was really cool, lots of good scatting and a capella stuff. then he came back to my house and we watched zoolander with mom and mason for awhile. sillyness. i love my boy lots. yayeeeee!

saturday = rehearsal from 10-1 pm. i was still feeling kind of lousy and cough-y and tired, but we stumbled through... there were some problems as to where sawhorses should be moved at times, which parable was next, etc. but it went ok. we were on the stage for the first time anyway, and it looks great. then dad picked me up and we ate lunch at panera-- their new prima chicken sandwiches are really extra good and yummy. then we went to nana's for like 35 minutes and i "slept" upstairs. then dad took me to the dhhs parking lot where i met jo, allie, jules, and chris pool there to go to sunrise for the kappa/nhs tea party thing. more people showed up when we got there-- audrey, emily, kate, patrick, marlin, amanda, MKT, etc.-- and it was pretty fun. the woman in charge, virginia, is really nice. we served the residents tea and talked to them and danced with them and each other, which was great and hilarious. i love all those senior girls and i will miss them when they leave. the residents were very interesting to talk to and i am glad we could go and make them happy. it would be so cool if robby could go play piano there sometime. then julia took me home and we had a good old time talking and listening to her indian music and talking about graduation and reminiscing. yay for first sister! then i was home and i relaxed (aka did not do any work) and ate pizza w/ the family, watched some tv and scanned pictures, took a nice looong bath and shower and was in bed by 10:30! ahhh.

sunday = woke up and went to starbucks, then to the sanctuary to practice "by my side" for the service. we performed it for the call to worship and people liked it. laine and hannah did their duet, bob and melissa strummed their guitars, and robby played the cymbals. :) then we all went upstairs and sat in our normal spot. mrs. weber's son preached and he was really good-- a great storyteller and actor. we all enjoyed it. got out really late though, like 12:30! but it was good. then i was indecisive about what to do before practice, so mom and i ended up going to everybody's which was yummy and fun. then i went to practice, which was a lot better than yesterday's. chick and wes went over the kinks and notes and we ran some choral stuff and most of the 2nd act. i think it is going to come together but it is still hard to believe we have 3 rehearsals-- tonight, tomorrow, and thursday!! agggh! then we had choir, a short abbreviated version. walked over to the yaab, then robby and i walked down to the village to get foodstuffs. he makes me laugh so much. god, we are just so lucky. yayeeeeeeee. then we had youth-- singing, and a woman named lynette gave us a meditation lesson! it was interesting and fun. then we hung out and played charades, at least some of us: katie white, robby, george, hamp, lauren, becca d., anna, etc. i watched and listened and cracked up a lot. then we had a squeeze prayer. THE END!!

well, except for today. i woke up at 9:45ish and have been reading huck finn and not wanting to do other work. sigh. god, help us all to get thru this week and have a good time!!! and please don't let the work overwhelm us. *pleeeeeeease*

-clairey bear :)

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