Sunday, January 09, 2005

9:05 am
good morning.
on friday night, robby came over and we watched seinfeld, "i, robot," and went to brusters. then we came back and hung out more. i wish i could see him more often at school *sigh* and he won't be at church this morning because it's his grandma's birthday. but that is very important, and i hope he will be at youth. my point was that friday night was fun.
then yesterday (saturday) i mainly did homework in the morning (and am not finished, how shocking is that?! not) and then went to a writing workshop for 3 hours in the afternoon. kara and stephanie were there, and some really nice other girls. lauren gunderson, the leader, was great. she is very talented, as a writer and an actress. that was neat bc i had never been to something like that before. yayee.
then i went to nana's for like an hour. dan and ivan were there, and i hung downstairs with them and pop pop and nana watching football and looking at old sagas. then pop pop drove me to megan's, where nathan and robby already were. and then mason showed up, and daniella, and finally melissa. we all went to willy's to eat and then went to LK's church's "narnia" musical. she was the white witch, and she was wonderrrrful. yayee LK. it was a good show. then on the drive back (2 cars = 1) megan, daniella, mason, melissa 2) me, robby, and nathan) we got separated and it took car #2 (us)at least 45 minutes to get back to megan's. agggh!! after that we were kind of tired so robby took me, mason, and melissa home. yeah. and now i am here almost ready for church. tonight i am running the youth show which should be fun. i wish it was next weekend already bc there is no school on monday... ~sigh~ oh well.
clairey :)

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