Sunday, January 02, 2005

5:13 pm
FIRST POST OF 2005!!!!! gosh i feel old. sigh, oh well. i'm really not. but it's been all good! :)
YAY FOR 2004 =
-- "Our Town"
-- Spring break 04
-- Youth Choir Concert
-- AP World History exam
-- end of the school year
-- liking Robby
-- doing something about it
-- having it work out beautifully
-- Bite Nite 04
-- Panama City
-- Shrek 2
-- Andrew's visit
-- all-nighter w/ Megs
-- Harry Potter 3 movie
-- Virgin Islands
-- Lester's last day & his party
-- Psycho in the park
-- Family reunion
-- Jacksonville
-- Lily Kate was born
-- Asheville trip
-- seeing Lily, Gabe, and Bekah
-- Roguefest!!!
-- Uncle Jamie's funeral
-- baseball game
-- Robby's birthday
-- Summersaults 04
-- Collective Soul at Centennial
-- Everybody's with everybody
-- Kickoff 04 with Unbounded Sky
-- Billy Brown at Seed Lake
-- YLD orientation and retreat
-- Labor Day at the mountains
-- Fall camping!
-- Lizzie/Daniella/Peter's bday party
-- Lullwater w/ Robby
-- Dan and LA's party
-- pumpkins
-- Homecoming parade/game/dinner/dance
-- My birthday dinner/party/song :)
-- Dan & LA's rehearsal dinner/wedding/reception
-- Fall Retreat 2004 at Glisson
-- worked the polls on election day
-- Habitat
-- swimming
-- Megan's birthday dinner
-- Youth Sunday funness
-- 6 months + with Robby
-- Thanksgiving break
-- Missions lock-in
-- Festival of Trees
-- Lessons and Carols
-- Finals crunch week
-- Christmas Break
-- Alumni reunion
-- Gals' night
-- Christmas Eve
-- Christmas Day
-- New Year's
-- picnic today
PHEW! Crazy fun wonderful experiences of 2004!!
the best parts =
-my wonderful friends
-AP World
-Ms. Tsang
-keeping a journal
-learning more about myself
-good food
-my family
-new experiences

Ok, I figure I'm into lists today--
MY BREAK- the lowdown=
~Fri. 12-17 = end of school; Robby came over to watch RoTK EE with the family
~Sat. 12-18 = relaxed
~Sun. 12-19 = Sunday School, church, lunch, home, shopping for potluck stuff, choir, potluck, Advent Service, Youth alumni reunion
~Mon. 12-20 = Melissa's house w/ Megan and LK, Robby came over
~Tues. 12-21 = shopping w/ Mom, GIRLS' NIGHT-- Mick's, Jake's, Mollie's house-- "Breakfast Club" and "Legally Blonde"-- silly pictures
~Wed. 12-22 = Christmas Eve practice
~Thurs. 12-23 = Christmas Eve practice, hung out with Robby at Starbucks
~Fri. 12-24 = raced around baking and cleaning all day, Christmas Eve 5 pm service, sang, dinner at our house w/ NN, PP, Simon, and Logan, then late service at church
~Sat. 12-25 = Christmas at home and then NN's, home to relax
~Sun. 12-26 = unofficial Sunday School, then church, relaxed
~Mon. 12-27 = cleaned, got cramps so watched Shrek 2 and slept
~Tues. 12-28 = got a mole taken off of my back, got pictures developed, saw "Oceans 12" with Robby and went to his house afterwards
~Wed. 12-29 = made scrapbook, Marty and Vic came over, went to Athen's for dinner with the Friederichs
~Thurs. 12-30 = appointment with Beth, Chihuly with Robby at night and then he came back over
~Fri. 12-31 = cleaned, lunch with Megan at Panera, we watched Spiderman 2 at our house w/ Mase, went to Rachael's party for New Year's
~Sat. 1-1 = cleaned, wrote, read, watched some tv, went bowling with Robby, Megan, and Lizzie
~Sun. 1-2 = Sunday School, church, Panera and then Lullwater for a picnic with lots of people
i love all of my friends and family and whom I'm surrounded by! WAhooooo

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