Tuesday, January 04, 2005

4:41 pm
dear dhhs scheduling machine,
just a question that's been on my mind since this morning:
do you have an attempted hidden conspiracy to keep me from seeing my boyfriend, who is also one of my best friends, at all during the school day? if so, it's not so hidden. after 2 damn semesters of no classes together, you've gone and added the last straw by not allowing us to be able to see each other between classes. i have to say, i am quite appalled. even though i think i will enjoy 3 out of my 4 periods, seeing him between them is such a huge comfort and is no longer available to me. and THAT SUCKS!!!!!!! of course, i am happy that i have megan in 2 out of 4, as well as lunch, but i just miss my boy. and YOU'RE NOT HELPING!!
you know what i hate? the fact that my little brother has lunch with him, AGAIN. the fact that some people have 2 classes with him or so, and still have the same IB classes with me. you know what else? no one else cares so deeply if they have a class with him!! but i care. i care i care i care i care i care i care.
did i mention i love the guy?

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