Wednesday, January 12, 2005

4:39 pm
yo. WEDNESDAY- tomorrow = THURSDAY ick, tomorrow is such a busy day. i have breakfast club, then oh yeah, SCHOOL, then meet at chamblee at 5:30, then musical rehearsal til 9 pm!!! weeeeeeee! who's not getting any sleep??? clairey!
la deeda. well it's all good, this weekend is a long one anyway. sunday was fun. youth especially. LOTS and LOTS of people came, the good old crowd and we all had a good time. and i did my road map program for the new year and all. that was good.
monday night rehearsal went well (that is the HARDEST word to spell ever on the computer-- r-e-h-e-a-r-s-a-l) and we learned a dance!! whee! and practiced my song, day by day. gggg.... oh well, it's ok! i will be fine.
yesterday was fine too. school is going ok, physics is just silly. blech. lotsa work work work... but robby came over last night to study physics and we got to spend some time together. and before that i had a good appt. with beth. yay.
yawn ok bye yall

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