Wednesday, January 05, 2005

4:30 pm
hallo guys. yawn. i have so much work!! it really scares me. i think i will like my classes except for maybe physics, but there is a lot of stuff to do and it frightens me in a way. i am trying not to be too overwhelmed. last night i talked to robby on the phone and it made me feel a lot better. and good news-- TOK lunch is now B so every other day i get to see him and melissa etc at lunch!! yayee. that makes it a little better. it just still all went so slooooooWwwwww today. *sigh* i am hungry even though i had a banana. i don't really want anything else. swimming was ok last night, it made me feel better and relax some. i cannot wait til this weekend. oh which reminds me i need to e-mail amy. i guess i'll go do that and then relax some more and then WORK WORK WORK. summmmmer!!!

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