Thursday, January 06, 2005

4:15 pm
i am doing better today. physics wasn't terrible and we did a fun(ny) lab outside. english was fine and i am really liking ms. donovan. ToK was interesting, and KR rules-- watched some of the matrix. and now with ToK we have B lunch, every other day!! yeehah. So guess who i got to eat lunch with today? robby! lizzie! mase! etc. etc.!! it was great. that makes me happy. history was basically a waste bc she had to do this book scanning thing but that is my easiest class. tonight we have our first "real" rehearsal from 7-9. and tomorrow is FRIIIIDAY! thank god. yayee. i don't have too much homework today. at least not much due tomorrow. lalala it is out of the spring mode outside, which is probably good because spring mode for claire = slacker mode. and i can't do that at the start of the semester! ladeeda. ok ciao

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