Sunday, January 16, 2005

2:40 pm
past week (this seems to be my best way-- all at one time-- since i haven't had time during the week to journal at ALL! wahh):
last sunday= church stuff, choir (they changed the choir room!!! no more risers!! ahhhck!), youth-- my road map program, games, singing. yayee
monday= musical practice; learned my song, "day by day," and some of hannah, "o bless the lord." then learned the dance to "god save the people" which was really, really fun. went home and did physics on the phone with robby. yayee
tuesday= appointment with ms. adamson before school re: IB. handholding, ha. then ms. donovan was reallly nice and asked me how everything was going and i talked to her for like 5 minutes before class started. she is so cool. beth appointment after school, then went home and robby came over because i had neither swimming nor musical! we did physics and got to hang out some. then i talked to melissa too. eee yay.
wednesday=we started watching some of "the crucible" movie in english. very good and interesting to see on film. short swimming practice from 7:40-8:15 and then went home and talked to robby/kind of studied for physics
thursday=mommy left for jacksonville in the morning and daddy, mase and i went to breakfast club. oh and sarah too. then went and took my physics test... ick. sigh. oh well. hopefully it'll all get better. then we watched more of "the crucible" and worked on our presentations in english. lalalaalaa then i went to ms. welsh's room to hang out before we took the bus to chamblee. jeziah was in there, and jessie, allie, kirsten, kara, etc. yayee good people. it was raining a lot and taking the warm bus in the rain was nice. i showed cammack the funny picture of us at divisionals like 6 years ago. i swam 4 (4!) events-- 200 medley relay (fly), 200 IM!! (welsh needed more points so i just had to finish and got them 2 points! ha!), 100 fly, 200 free relay. 16 laps, and 8 of them were fly-- what then!?! heehee. daddy took me to chik-fil-a and then i went straight to musical rehearsal to which i was already late. we practiced and learned more of the beginning. yeehah. then i went home and struggled with my TOK paper which i still don't think was the best but oh well. *sigh* in a way i knew what i wanted to say but i could not write it very well. i dunno.
friday=got a 62 on my physics test :( but oh well. we watched a roller coaster video. in english megs, LK, and i finished our presentation work and then talked. i went home for 30 minutes after school and then colin picked me up and took me to LHS for swim meet #2! i only swam 3 events this time- 200 medley, 100 fly, 200 free relay. i got 2nd in fly! (MKT got 1st bien sur :D) robby came, and peter too. then daddy came for some and left. afterwards, robby took me home and i changed and we went to terra cotta for dinner. then we went back to his house for awhile and relaxed/drank tea/talked to his parents/enjoyed each other's company. good stuff. i love my boy. :)
yesterday, saturday=slept til 10:15ish and showered, did some hw, ate a chocolate chip pancake... then went to maggie's house from 2 pm-11 pm to watch basically all 3 LOTRs!! oh lawd. it was fun though. me, robby, maggie, paul, julie, jonjon, reed, richard, peter, maia, melissa(!). yayee. that was really fun. we found the extra easter eggs! oh my gosh dom interviewing elijah is HILARIOUS WOW!!!!!!! we ate lots and had a good time. then robby took melissa, me, richard, and jonjon home. phew. oh and i forgot my panera sandwich. SHOCK AND DISBELIEF! not. *sigh*
sunday, today so far=went to sunday school and church-- me, mason, addy, robby, megs, mollie, lauren, basically. good wesley sermon. then robby came with us to the club! yay! that was fun. i love my family and him. molls was there too. and now i am home and mommy's home from FLA too! tonight we have choir and then i'm not sure what else is going on. no school tomorrow!! :) tonight is the golden globes and there is no LOTR to cheer for! how insanely strange! hehe. but goo jamie foxx and johnny depp and all that. yeah. ok ciao yall i think i am gonna go write some more.

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