Sunday, December 12, 2004

9:57 pm
good evenin' all..
ahhhhh. this weekend was fun fun fun. i already talked about friday, so saturday (yesterday)=
breakfast at evan's with robby dearest, yummy and enjoyable. we rented "school of rock" and watched it and relaxed all afternoon. then i had to leave to go to the festival of trees downtown for nhs. allie, megan, jo, monica, allison, kara, audrey, etc. etc. all went down to marta and rode to the GWCC. it was fun, we worked til 9 and so i have all my NHS hours!!! yeehah dude. funstuff. then i stayed up til 12:30 talking to melissa on the phone, which was really, really great. i love being able to catch up with her so randomly. she is still the only person i can talk to on the phone for 2 hours straight. yay!!
today = sunday = lessons and carols. went to the 8:30 service which was nice and small. mase read at both. then i went to starbucks and to the church to robe up and stuff for the big service. i love big christmas church services. processing in is so great. i could never just sit in the audience for christmas eve, when i go to college and come back for christmas i must be in the laity choir. it ain't christmas eve if i'm not processing to "o come, all ye faithful." sorry folk. anyway, it was all good. we sang ok, it was kinda quiet and i feel like our accompanist was a little off. oh well. then i went home and ate blimpi and relaxed and took a nap and such. we went to choir and sang CHRISTMAS MUSIQUE!!! ahhh. then we went to youth (well first i walked to the village w/ robby and candylander) and we went christmas caroling all around to different people's houses. got to sit in the warm buses with all my amis and my boy and it was comfy cozy and sooo nice. i love that group so so sos osooooo much!! ahhhhh.
ok i need to go work. or sleep. or something other than this i suppose. sigh.
5 DAYS!!!!!!!!! dear god help me to get thru it all and to be happy and joyous and to savor every bit of it.

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