Wednesday, December 08, 2004

5:23 pm
guess what i'm listening to? 2X2 summer '02!! hehe. SPRING BREAK '82!! yeehah. yeah. so. 7 days of school left!! wahooOOOoo! i just need to get through finals, surtout les maths. only 1 more swim practice before break-- today's, because i cannot make it to monday's-- got YLD. speaking of which, happy birthday helen! yawn. tomorrow = breakfast club, then after school beth and dinner and auditions. friday = french club, then going to megan's and christmas shopping!!! yeehah target! (pronounced tar-jay) then decorating xmas tree, etc. then the silly festival of trees moved to nighttime on saturday, so i hope robby and i can do something before 4:15 on saturday because i have to work til 9. sigh. i'd rather spend time with my boy though. oh well... over the break, definitely. YAY! then sunday is lessons and carols. yeehah! hopefully next week will go extra fast. *hopehopehope* return of the king extended is coming out next tuesday! it's kinda sad because on the last day of the semester we don't have a great movie to go to!! *tear* i can't believe it's over. wahhhh. last night we had a meet in conyers and it was long and hot and annoying but i went back to a 1:31 on my fly time which is great. i love MKT, and kara, and kirsten and rache, etc. goodtimes man, goodtimes.
ok i should go work or something... i'onno, cu'

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