Tuesday, December 21, 2004

5:03 pm
i don't really feel like writing very long. but there was a great time had this weekend!
friday = last day of school!!! went home, relaaaaaaaaaxed, then robby came over and we all ate publix subs and watched "return of the king: extended edition" YAY!!! it was pretty good. it has oscar footage!! hehe. then robby hung out a little longer and went home. we had a good time. i love my boy.
saturday = went to jon jon's lakehouse for the day, robby drove me up and megan drove JJ, richard, and max. we had a "rock'n'roll music lesson" in our car, haha. it was pretty fun, the house i mean. video games, pool, and ping pong were played and i read my book (as none of those are really my thing). we went down to the golf course and "played" (robby formed an anti-golf union, and most of us just sat around and watched JJ shoot and megan get better), and then we "played" tennis and maggie, melissa, and peter showed up. robby and i went home at 4:30 and had to take peter with us bc he couldn't stay the night so he got an unfortunately short amt. of time there, but hopefully there'll be a next time. we got home fairly well, and then i relaxed more and watched LoTR etc.
sunday = sunday school and church!! rob and chris showed up! yeehah. and ariana and alex were in the choir. robby played drums for the womens' chorus "african noel". then i went out to lunch with mom, dad, mason, and nana and pop pop. yummmmers clubness. then we went home and guess what went on? MORE relaxing!! gasp. hehe. then amy picked mase and me up and us, along w/ chris t., went to party city for decorations for the advent potluck. choir was nice-- xmas songs, yay! the potluck was yummy too, good people and fun times. then we had the advent service which went well, not many glitches at all, and lotsa alums were present-- robert, chris, kat, buffy, alex, katie! and rob simmons! wow. and of course bill mallard led us in "aymen" which i loooove. then we all trooped over to the YAAB for an alumni party!! ooeee. here is the majority of who was present: robert, who is always so much more funny and amusing than i recall; christoph, and it's like he hasn't left; katherine, teeny still, and lovely; buffy, who yelled out in her boisterous, voluptuous buffyish way "ANN!" when ann walked through the door; alex, calm, composed always; katie, my darling big sister who smiles with ease and chuckles endearingly; rob simmons, who turned 22 yesterday, flipping out in his hyper intelligent way "21 is the last birthday you look forward to-- and i'm 22!! AGGGH!" ; bailey, who seems happy, which makes me happy; ann, quiet and slight smiles as always; AUSTIN! who walked in with a slightly blue chelsea, no longer mohawk, with his long flowing coat and all his buttons and pins, and red tape to keep his glasses on; ariana, who is so much more amiable and chatty and sweet and bubbly than i remember from the 7th grade; ERIC, who we hadn't seen in 2 years since he was in santa fe last christmas, who still looks 25 with the beard he's had since he was my age, always polite and charming, so enjoyable; and the DAAAAAAVID who drove straight to the YAAB after flying in from Ann Arbor, wearing a tartan beret with his wind pants and a camera hoisted on his shoulder, pinching my cheek and shrieking "awww!! she's a baby!!" and making his loverly pterodactyl noises the eve before his 21st birthday. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it was crazy, almost all of the people from 7th grade were in one room at the same time! that hasn't happened in ages. we sat around and talked and moved from group to group, teased mollie, told lots of silly but entertaining jokes, laughed a LOT. thank god for my brothers and sisters, and thank god that they want to still come home and see everyone. that makes me heureuse. so that was way worth it, and a great start to the holiday. then mollie drove me home and we had a good time talking about the past and listening to musique. i love my sister.
monday (yesterday) = slept til 11:30 am... did nothing til about 2, when i went to melissa's house with megan and LK til 4:30. we played "the barbie game" hehehe!! then mom picked me up and i went home. robby came over around 5:30 and we relaxed and enjoyed each other's company. yay. :) yawn.
today = orthodonist, i got my retainer (did i mention i got my braces off last monday? yeah, i did. TEEHEE!!! YEEHAH) and stuff and then mom and i went and ate at panera for breakfast, then we went christmas shopping. i was successful in the girlfriend department but i STILL cannot find what i want for my boy!! grrr. why isn't it there?! grmphr. i've been home relaxing and cleaning and reading etc. oh and writing some too! in about an hour and a half molls is gonna pick me up and we are meeting allie, addy, emmy, and megan at mick's to commence our GALS NIGHT 04!!!!!!!!!! :):)
merry christmas yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaall

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