Sunday, December 05, 2004

1:45 pm
ladeeda, today is the epitimom of christmas. i think i spelled that wrong. oh well. anyway, i guess i should start earlier in the week, huh?
ok, well on tues. i didn't have swimming practice so robby came over and we ate dinner and hung out and caught up. yay!! then on wednesday i went to advent wreath making and WNS! i had not been in such a long time. all these little kids running around... god, i felt so old. i loved it though. it just reminded me how much i love this place and the people and the season. addy and candylander came. and it was nice. and we sang silent night and all the candles were flickering and it reminded me of being a little kid at christmas. and i miss that. then i begrudgingly went to swim practice even though i-idn'twanna. (i didn't want to). it was only til 8:15 though so it was not that bad. then i came home and worked, esp. on my french presentation. on thursday, we had breakfast club, yummers. then i went to school and presented my french power point on molière!!! yay. it went well, actually, which made me very happy. i am so glad to have it done, bc now all i have to do is watch other people present. then i went home for like 15 minutes and went straight to LHS for a swim meet. i swam fly in the medley relay and the 100! it went pretty well for not having swum it individually in a loooong time (and then i only did 50s, in summer league, and won most of the time. 100s are so different. but still fun). Then i left a little early bc i didn't have to swim in the 400 free relay. and i worked more! wahooooOooo! hehe. on friday, we had to distribute papiers in the matin but the front page still had "dwight" on it (loooong story) so we had to mark it out by hand on every single paper. that was fun, lemme tell ya. but oh well. then in math we had a semi birthday party for ms. ward. yay! then i hung around school til 4:15 and we left for columbia for our swim meet. i swam the fly again, and not as well as i did on thurs., but oh well. daddy took me home after; i really wanted to go to molls' play, but i just couldn't. i am glad megs and allie went, but i wish i could have gone with them. i felt bad and left out. oh well, 's my own fault. hopefully i can voir the video. i know she did a brilliant job though. so i went home instead and showered and ate publix and talked on the phone w/ robby and melissa (well melissa was on IM but it was basically a 3-way conversation).
on saturday, yesterday, daddy and i went to emory at oxford for the folk advent service that steve darsey directs every year. it was better than last year, i liked john hayes, the speaker, a lot. he had lots of great things to say that uplifted me. and i saw elizaveta! cooool. i am glad she likes oxford. then we came home for a bit, and then mase and i went to the yaab for the christmas mission lock in. my group was me, robby, megan, becca b., and ann. it was fun. then we went back to megan's house and wrapped and stuff, and ate candy, played "catch phrase" for like 5 HOURS, i swear, hung out, watched movies (zoolander and pirates of the caribbean) and slept. i went to bed around 3:30 this morning. but i am really not that tired at all. this morning i woke up at 9 and robby and i walked to church in the awesomely gorgeous crispy cool biting weather. well first we went to starbucks, and addy went too. then we went to sunday school and everyone showed up. then we went to church, which was long, but, as i said, totally embodied advent and christmas. first, the church is decorated in its beautiful way, with the green and red, the wreaths, the greenery and the bows, the chrismon trees, everything!! ahhhhh. we sang nice hymns like "o come o come emmanuel" and stuff too. then, everyone was there basically!! all my homefries. candylander the birthday boy!, addy, megan, EMMY!!!, allie, ben (who's not dead, allison. hehe), moi, robby :), sheri-dan, katie ob, melissa, hamp(ton), etc. YAY!!! i looove sitting with them all. wish molls had not had to acolyte. oh wellza. it was communion and wesley's sermon was long so we got out around 12:30 but oh well. i looved it. i cannot WAIT til everyone-- austin, david, di, alex, eric i hope, chris, rob, katie, flo, thomas-- EVERYONE-- is HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!! and i really wanna go shopping for peoples. sigh. oh well.
i should be eating and studying. but i had to post this first.
this week=
monday = swim practice
tuesday = swim meet at heritage-- ick, far away, but last til january!
wednesday = dunno. swim?
thursday = beth appt., auditions for "godspell"!!
friday = hopefully christmas tree decorating with megs over, movies, and spend the night, she needs to see a real tree be decorated!
saturday = working festival of trees for nhs; get together w/ robby
sunday = lessons and carols!! and caroling at youth!
(then the next monday = BRACES!!!! *hopehopehope*)
Claireybear, clarice, clee, claire, clairey, claireyboo, C, etc.
yeah, me.

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