Saturday, December 11, 2004

11:34 pm
yawn. happiness, good day, good end to the week. last night was auditions first off, which went really well. i am excited. i love chick and wes. and megan is a great student director. everyone did really well. apparently, we find out parts on SUNDAY! as in, this sunday. wow. that's really fast, but whatever. so this morning was culture day between all the language classes meaning that i got to spend time with all my friends and my boy. and eat extremely incredibly yummilicious nourriture. and carmen even talked to me!! (freshman girl who is scared of me according to robby and lizzie) haha. and we all sang songs. in latin and francais. then in spotlight i basically did nothing, oh we did magic book. i forgot. i'll miss that class next semester, mostly the people in it especially. even if i'm not always a part of the conversations, it's hilarious to hear them. it always reminds me that druid hills is such a crazy amazing group of people all put together with great memories. ah, i'm so nostalgic. yeah. in APUSH it was normal lecture, and lunch was fun(ny) as usual. math was easy, the test was so easy, which makes me sooooOOOOOoo happy!!! it will probably keep my grade at least a low B!! eee! + 3 bonus points! wahoooo. then after school, it started to rain, and megan and i went to target to start shopping for christmas presents. we came up with some stuff but not that much. then we picked up golden buddha on the way home (in a box, we had so much food-- for my family plus her and lilly) and the sky was sooo cool. it had been raining some but then it stopped and a part of the sky was extremely yellow and sunsetty, and then the other half was blue and sunny. with clouds all in between and a gray haze too. ahhh! i wanted my camera badly. oh well. strange weather, not sposed to be thunderstorms in december. hehe. then we came home and ate and started a "friends" marathon with my 1st season dvd. then we decorated the tree with daddy, mommy, lilly, and mase. yay!! i love christmastime. then we watched more friends til she took lilly home fifteen minutes ago or so. ahhh nice night.
tomorrow morning robby and i are going to breakfast at yvonne's-- to which he has never been!! ah!-- and then renting "School of rock" and watching it and relaxing til i have to be at the student parking lot at 4:15 for festival of trees for NHS. i cannot wait to spend time with my darling boy. i love him so.
on sunday it is lessons and carols, and i kinda wanna go to both services bc the 8:30 is smaller and in the little chapel, and i like it that we sing all the great christmas hymns, which we don't always get to do in the big 10:50 service. then of course we're singing in the later service. then we are caroling for youth.
this next week i have no swim practice. on monday i have YLD and then for the rest of the week i think my after-school activity consists of studying for finals. YAY! not. oh well.
SIDENOTE: in review of ROTK EE today, ajc reported that the documentaries include OSCAR CLIPS!!!!!!!! EEEEEEEE! (as you will recall my stupid tape was taped over towards the end.. the most important part, best picture. sigh.) man i cannot WAIT to sit down and watch it all! but no theater... wah.
ok i need to go to sleep. g'night all. 2 WEEKS TIL XMAS EVE!!!
i will be so happpppppppppppppppy. :):)

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