Friday, December 24, 2004

11 PM
best _____ of the year:
1. party: NEW YEARS 04 @ Megan’s house, with Megs, Em, A, Addy-- we toasted each other with Orange crush soda and took silly pictures with snake outfits
2. show: “Friends,”-- sentimental and nostalgic finale, old “Seinfelds”-- yay TBS!

3. cd: SHREK 2, Robby's, RoTK, Rent
4. movie: Shrek 2, Love Actually, Hannah and Her Sisters
5. song: ROBBY’S!! which is in a whole different league compared to: Maroon 5/Youth concert 04/Joni/Accidentally in Love (but that one is nice too ;D)
6. experience: God, so many… last show of “Our Town,”-- Cole dipping Laine and everyone cracking up-- that Friday at tennis,-- no homework, GORGEOUS March day, relaxing with Lizzie, LK, and Megan-- Habitat,-- nice people, good effort, it felt sooo good when it was over-- Bite nite,-- oh god, soooo awesome, especially talking to Robby all night (oh and getting caught by the cops hehe)-- AP test day,--fun Coach Flowers time, Robbyrobbyrobby, the racist joke was born-- discovering my wonderful feelings,--all throughout April and May for Robby-- the last day of school,-- when I had the guts to tell him I liked him and got what I wanted :)-- all-nighter with Megs,-- AWESOME bonding time with her-- all time with Robby,-- dates, youth, just getting to know him better-- YLD,-- meeting all those wonderfully genuine and NICE people-- USVI,-- gorgeous, gorgeous-- fall camping,-- wonderful time with my gals and my boy--and Christmas now, yay!
7. concert: Roguefest ’04 at the Shakespeare Tavern,-- yay Unbounded Sky!! sooo intensely wonderful, one of my favorite summer memories-- Indigo Girls-- incredible at Chastain
8. book: "Trickster's Choice," "The Silmarillion," "Welcome to the World, Baby Girl!", etc.

9. month: Well ALL of them rocked – But probably May because of Robby
10. day: gosh, I can’t say that. If I had to pick it would be May 19-- time with Mollie, Austin, and David, then WNS talent show-- or May 21-- for the obvious reasons

hopes for 2005:
1. predict something that you think will happen in 2005?: I hope I will still be with Robby, go out of the country, write a lot, and get into college (!!!)
2. what do you hope changes about your country?: George Bush’s idea of “reality”
3. what do you hope for yourself?: To be loved, to love, to have hope and to be calm and healthy and unstressed
4. what do you hope for your family?: Health, serenity
5. what do you hope for your best friend?: That she adjusts to the changes that are coming her way family wise

during 2004:
1. where were you when it began?: At Megan’s house with my gals!
2. did you stay up?: Yep yep yep
3. what was your new year wish?: Just to have a good year, with love, laughs, etc.
4. how many boy/girlfriends?: 1

5. broke up?: nope
6. have any crushes?: yes

7. care to mention names?: ROBBY DUNCAN!!!
8. new friends?: Beth Toler, Hannah, Helen, Ari, Mia, Ginny, ALL YLD peoples, Maki, Jessi Adams, and Robby, in a way, just getting to know him better as a person and a friend
9. had to say goodbye?: yes, to Chris

10. missed anyone?: YES
11. win anything?: Some school awards I think
12. best place you went to?: Summertime. I know that isn’t specific but… just everywhere I went and everything I did was so great. Panama City, Jax, Asheville, Virgin Islands, Piedmont Park, Shakespeare tavern, Centennial Park, the mall, everything...

13. worst place you went to?: school on August 9
14. happiest moment?: relief and excitement when Robby said he liked me and I didn’t have to be nervous around him
15. how was your birthday?: Verrrry nice. Good friends, wonderful boy, my own song!, yummy food, family
16. best present?: Robby’s song

YAY 2004!!!!!

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