Monday, December 27, 2004

10:30 pm
good evening children of the corn... (channeling mih roh, love that lady)
i have not been up to date in a loooo-oooo-oOOOOo-ng time. so sorry about that. but what can you expect from claire the church lady when it is christmastide? nothing less, i hear you say.
ok i guess i should start with tuesday night (i know i always end up going through multiple days' happenings all at one time but somehow it's easier to do that)
mollie picked me up and we went to mick's. i was wearing my polka dot skirt, a pretty white (sleeveless) blouse, my homecoming cinderelly shoes, and my awesome ireland trenchcoat (that i never wore in ireland or the UK either but... is still supercool!!). anyway megan, allie, addy, and emmy were already present at the restaurant and we had a very cool waiter. none of us can remember his name, but we did end up getting a picture w/ him! we ate yummy food (in a verry serious context, hehe) and talked and caught up. sooo much fun stuff. i love those girls. it's so much fun to have all of them. so then we decide to get ice cream, right? well there's a coldstone right across the street. yes, right across. (it is dec. 21 and freezing btw-- at night) but emmy works at jake's (at emory) so we can't go to coldstone, it's the competition!! so the vinnys both go, "oh there's a jake's really close to here! we can walk really easily!!" and of course, since we trust the vinnys, we say OK! and head off.... ..... 20 MINUTES LATER... feet are tired, freezing, all of me is freezing, emily is shrieking "i told you my way was better!" (i forgot what her way was), adrienne has forgotten her sense of direction, and there are yells of [emily:] "OH MY GOD we're gonna get raped!!" [mollie:] "no, not under these innocent Christmas wreath lights! we'll be safe under them!" [megan:] "ok, there are SIX of us and we are LOUD. it's not gonna happen." so we finally, finally get to jake's (turns out we took the long way, ha surprise surprise) and got a pint of ice cream and sat and thawed out for a bit. then we went back and got a pic with the waiter, and waited for emily's mom to come get her, and gave a woman money for a cab fare because her daughter broke her elbow. then we went back to mollie's house. we watched "the breakfast club" (verrry good movie which had never been seen by moi) and "legally blonde" and talked and then zonked out. it was nice. yay for girls night!
wednesday = went home and relaxed and stuff. i really cannot remember much of it, as in if big things happened. at night i went to christmas eve service rehearsal. i loooove those so much!! yay.
thursday = uhhhm... hm. what did i do???? well at night i went to the other christmas eve rehearsal, the dress 1. it was fun too. yayyayyay!! the hickses' baby is sooo cute. awwww. yay. i love all my church people. then robby and i went down to starbucks and enjoyed each other's company for an hour or so. YAY! he makes me so happy. we are so silly and we get along so well. ahhh. then he took me home.
friday = i actually posted already from then, but it was a crazy crazy day-- baking a LOT and cleaning and stuff and showering. then we went to church. man i adore that service with all of my freakin heart and soul. it is so crowded and cozy and the singing is magnificent and all my friends are there and david came down beforehand to say hi and adrienne gave me a GORGEOUS pottery cross with beautiful blueish stones in it with a "C" in the middle!! (standing for: Claire, Cross, Christ, take your pick. jk) ahhh. and we practiced "ding dong" and could see ourselves in the mirror and made silly faces. and we sang well and processed prettily and i loove looking down the aisles and seeing familiar faces and then getting up to my seat and seeing rob and elizabeth, laura fleming, laura r., david and his whole family (minus george :() in the 2nd row, andy and shelley, thomas and katie, my parents, everyone... and singing COME AND BEHOLD HIM, BORN THE KING OF ANGELS-- as loud as i possibly can without shattering my voice before i sing in the quartet. and then scott and jennifer-- joseph and mary-- come down and are doing their lines, blah blah blah
mary = a stable??
joseph = don't worry mary, i'll make it comfortable for you.
mary = let's HOPE so!
[note: that was not her actual line.]
a wave of laughter starts to build, throughout the many pews and the thousands of people there in the standing room only area... ooh it was great!!">
and anyway it all went really well. YAY
i am going to go to bed now but i am gonna write more tomorrow I PROMISE!!!!

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