Sunday, November 28, 2004

8:10 PM how we gonna paaay? how we gonna paaaay? how we gonna paaay-- last year's rent?????
god, jonathan larsen, you are a GEEEEEEEEEEENIUS!!!!
ok. yeah. hallo.
man i wish we didn't have to go to school demain.
and i wish i got to see robby more. *sigh* i love him so much. i miss him when he's not around. there's a little emptiness. i know, that sounds so melodramatic and stuff but it's true. everything is better when he is around. but on the bright side i am done with my homework basically!!! yeehah. i should read or something. i haven't read in forever and i feel bad about it, esp. when i'm sposed to be doing these silly IB books. hrm.
ahhhh such great lines!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i was in such a different place in my life last year at this time. it was good, and interesting, and i was happy, but i am always interested to compare life a year later. i dunno why i do... i think that i just like the way life goes and i like to see how it changes and why it does what it does... and i always have these longings to go back to me, a year ago tonight, any night, and tell me what is going to happen in the future and see myself gasp or whatever. i dunno. i am way babbling. but i like to see the way things work with people and relationships.
i love all my family and friends so much. i love seeing dan be married, and seeing how happy leeanne makes him. i like seeing my little cousins grow up. i like watching david and kelly's wedding video from 1994 and seeing tracy and annie and meghan who has a baby girl now be such little girls. i like seeing nathan and lk get back together. i like allie talking about going to florida for the summer and working for herself. i like john roeser talking about life and the bible and random things. i like bo platt being so silly and suave at the same time. i like candler going on and on about his birthday. i like having a group of friends that has known each other for 5 years or more but has just gotten close in the past 2 years. i like that at the party last night there were at least 3 pairs of elementary school friends: me and lizzie, jon jon and robby, and maggie and daniella. i like robby and speno joining the church with all of the youth standing in front of them, amy and bo ph's arms around each other. i like seeing bo stand up at the pulpit with no shoes on and speak and be able to see her big sister's reactions to her words at the same time. i like it when melissa begs megan to help her figure out her new cell phone. i like it when maggie and robby argue over maggie's music. i like sitting in the car with megan, away from the wind, trying not to be messy with ice cream or cuban s/wiches and talking about what our friends are going to do when they grow up. i like talking to david online and connecting with my big brother even though he's so far away. i like calling chris on the phone and feeling like he's never left. i like listening to james, mike, danny, aaron, and thomas talk about teenage mutant ninja turtles and power rangers. i like to see austin's blue mohawk sticking up in the line of voters. i like when adrienne writes crazy notes in church. i like it when robby and bob collaborate on piano and guitar. i like that amy is so hyped that she supercleaned the storage closet at the yaab. i like how kara calls me "seh" and says "robby duncan" in this really sillilly annoying singsong nasally voice whenever he comes to pick me up from swimming. i like getting along well with lk. i like advent. i like knowing what i want and doing what i feel. i like the cool crisp weather and the fall. i like the dream i wrote for casey yesterday. i like my school. i like that i have the declaration of independence tacked up on my wall. i like cole and his long black classy jacket. i like waving to mom and dad during the peace from the balcony. i like katie running over to the yaab in her acolyte robe. i like all the boys going insane when robby starts playing bohemian rhapsody. i like traditional breakfasts with mollie. i like breakfast with the beatles. i like how ms ross screeches "hi claire! hi robby!" every morning. i like sitting by the fire with martha. i like singing christmas songs in choir. i like it when my immediate family is all together. i like when the dogs attack me on the sofa. i like my grandparents' and their wonderful stories. i like diane and her b-zerk updates. i like standing outside the north bldg with my friends and all those unknown freshman girls. and i loove my drummer boy, and his smile, and everything about him. i love all my friends and family.
i love so much in my life. (basically all those "likes" above should be "loves" but i am too lazy to change them all)
please god, help me to remember all that more often.

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