Monday, November 15, 2004

5:23 pm
hi yall!!
ooh it is pretty fallish and sunsetting outside with a blue sky and colorful red trees. i love this time of year. yayyayyyay. ok. on saturday i hung out and slept in (!) and cleaned my room and megan and i went to lunch at oak grove market. yummmy cubans and coke slushies!! heehee. we sat in the car and ate because it was so cold and saw dozens of lakeside kids who must have something in their water because they look crazy old. then we went to coldstone. yum. yay my megs! then i went home and relaxed and "worked", ha. then robby and i went to see "ray." it was SUCH A GOOD MOVIE!!!!!!!!! *yay jamie foxx!!!!!!* bravo, bravo. i love my boy. he's so wonderful. :D *grin* hehe. then on sunday it was a normal day-- lotsa lotsa FOOOOD!!! varsity cater $$ day. yummmers. went home and once again "worked" and then went to leslee's party which = more food. hehehe! YUMMMM. youth and choir were both good- we sang CHRISTMAS MUSIQUE!!! eeeeeeeeeee!! yay. today was awful long. grrrowl. 5 1/2 days til thanksgiving break!!! tonight i have a 35- minute practice and then robby and i are going to watch a civil war movie for our project for APUSH. lots to do, lots to do, i need a break...

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