Monday, November 01, 2004

4:36 pm
ohhhh lawdie, hehe.
megs and jules and others and i are working the polls all day so i wanna see yall out there if you are 18 +!!!! hehe. should be fun though we have to get up early. but i get paid $110!!
anyway, last night robby and megan came over for mason's birthday celebration. megs and i gave him van helsing and we ate pizza and cake and looked at his new x box and games. wahoooOoo! fun stuff. watched some of the movie, megs left and then robby did.
today i went to school and it didn't feel like school at all. well i got there at 8 am so i got to hang out for 15 whole entire minutes with the posse! hehe. then we went to homeroom for that stupid book thing and then to french. at 9:20 some of us got letters of acceptance into NHS!!! we had to go line up in front of the library and then "pop" (julia's #1 dance move) and then crawl underneath the arms of all the members while they cheered for us. then we got our capes and our song and it is just so good written by jules and alana that i may just have to write it down:
(sung to "what's your fantasy" by ludacris)
i wanna me-me-me-memorize the digits of phi
and i wanna 1620 on the PSAT
and i wanna (ah, ah) get that TI-93
coz i think that it can help me with my astronomy

i wanna be like genny tauxe, go to yale and don't do dope
star trek, d&d, magic cards, GPTV
Middle earth, that be my crib
Fern-bank that is my gig
ankle pants, flannel shirts, that is what i like to work,
rubik's cubes make me hot, so does Allie a whole lot
with a woman or with a man
on the top of my mini van
we'll debate how the earth began
math team, monday morn
only place where i'm not scorned
sucks to miss school for ice storms.
AP computer sci, java, java, that's my thing
C ++, i'm the king, i want to know everything
i've never ever made a B
i like to hang out with the faculty
wednesday afternoons are never free
even mr. gabel lets ME pee
(repeat hook)

there. a masterpiece, though it's annoying to sing it, lol. so don't ask, hehe. then i got checked out for orthodonist in spotlight and that took awhile-- i have silly 3 rubberbands that are ANNOYING as HELL but it means *hopefully* i can get my braces off in 6 weeks!!! EEEEE PLEEEEASE GOD. then mommy got me a mocha almond fudge milkshake from brusters. i went back to school. math was fun. i understand! ee! went home. now i have swimming at 7:40 and then robby is coming over to watch movies and the SNL debate thing. yay.
god i hope tomorrow goes well, i hope it is not chaotic.

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