Tuesday, November 23, 2004

3:56 PM
thanksgiving, ahhhhhhhhhhh THANK GOD THANK GOD THANK GOD!!!!!!!! FINALEMENT!!! i needed this soooo much. phew. half days are fun stuff dude. easiest history test EVER today, yeehah, and A lunch. last week was all good too, man i don't write enough on this thing anymore. sigh. too little time to do anything, grrrowl. anyway today after school at 12:15 me, lk, and megs drove down to panera and then went to paideia for lunch. we ate with nathan-- (he and LK got back together on sunday!! whooooa! cool!!)-- and stuff. it was interesting, i wish i could have seen molls though! wah. i didn't know where to look though and i asked rachel jansport economy but she didn't know either. oh well. la dee da. mase is sick, has been since sunday. youth sunday went really really well. not much else... i'll post later, promise. CIAO!
5 days off!! ahhh

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Anonymous said...

no way i can finally comment! hope you had a good thanksgiving did you enjoy my entirely too long email?