Saturday, November 27, 2004

2:10 pm
we put on the christmas music today!!! eeee yessss. finalement. it is really gray and fallish/winterish outside today and i am sitting here wearing jeans, my orange fall retreat tshirt, and my warmmmm bathrobe and leopard slippers. chai tea is next to me too. yay! i have been working a little bit on my french power point project, due on thurs., which makes me happy at least bc i have been starting to work on it. i cleaned my room some this morning but there are always papers upon papers that need to be sorted and that i want to sort but then i don't know what to do with. i am such a packrat. oh well. i ate leftover thanksgiving yummy food and pizza. brrr stretch. there is too much to do in the last three weeks of school and i don't like it. swimming + french project + newspaper + keeping math a B + getting history to be an A + musical auditions + shopping for christmas presents + seeing everyone i wanna see = gaaaaaaaah!!!!!
last night robby, marty, vic, and chris came over bc christoph is in town for the holidays. yay! mainly played halo 2 (well i didnt and neither did marty, hehe) and stuff but then all of us sans mase went walking to shamrock. we think that brad, casey, maybe james, etc. were playing frisbee with a lightup down there, and marty and vic and chris joined them and robby and i walked around. it was all nice. yawn.
tonight is daniella's "who needs a reason to have a party" party, hehehe. i need to work more. blech. i look forward to the day where i can not have to worry about getting something done every hour of every day. ick. i miss the vinsons when they are outta town.

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