Friday, November 12, 2004

10:19 pm
(that's friday, for all of you non french parler-ers)
yeeeeeeeeehah i actually have a fairly free one!! *gasp*! sleeeeeeeeeep ahhhhhhhhhh. tonight i just hung out with my dearest family and we watched "shrek 2", grrrrreat movie!!!! last weekend on saturday i watched it with robby at his house, it was fun to relive our first date. :) anyway, i am glad mom and dad got to see it because it is so enjoyable. it has been rainy and chilly the past few days, finally winterish. niiice. swimming these past few days has been really, really good. i love ms. welsh and cammack is of course great too. i feel in shape, which is excellent. and i love the team. YAY for mike young for convincing me 2 long years ago! hehehe. first meet is on tuesday which also = megan's bday which = i have to get her presents soon!!! last night enoch came in to stay with us for the night and that was so much fun. i love him, he is wonderful. he would be my first choice to perform my wedding. i am his honorary daughter, hehe. and robby got to come over yesterday too which was nice. we watched good ole seinfeld and such. oh, and yesterday ALSO was chris's birthday (11-11, so easy to remember) so i called him on his cell phone and wished him a happy one. i cannot wait to see him at thanksgiving. talked to david on IM a bit ago and he said he has bought his ticket home for christmas. YEEHAH! big brother's coming home!!! cannot wait. also, dec. 14 = RoTK extended!!!! (plus the day after i get my braces off) all this good stuff coming up. yayza. hey i am proud of myself, i finished my article with 2 minutes to spare before deadline this morning. tomorrow night i think the robbmeister, as addy calls him (and i call hers the vicster, ha), and i are going to go voir "ray". i want to see that. fun fun stuff. my rubberbands, which had been hurting MUCHO at the beginning of the week, are feeling a ton better. yay!! last friday night LK had her birthday party and it was fun, we watched beverly hills cop and played flashlight tag and sat on her porch and nathan and ben told "scary" stories and ben hit on lizzie, always the ladies' man, ha. sorry i am so out of order here, i am just going as things pop up in my memory. yummy athens pizza. only 6 1/2 days of school til THANKSGIVING BREAK!!!!! EEEEEEEEEEEEE! THANK GOD!!!!! cuscowilla here we come!! hopefully megs and i can do lunch tomorrow, i would really like to get a chance to hang out with her. i should sleep but i wanna work on my short story for jack. i should, but i am semi stuck. i wish the laptop wasn't sick with a virus, then i could do it in bed. sigh. oh well. night night tout le monde, je tes adore. MOLLS- love you! call me soon
--clairey bear

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Anonymous said...

hey sweetie! :] keep having great times. miss you lots and see you in a little over a week at yld! hoorayyyyyyyyyyyyy. MUAH-