Monday, November 29, 2004

10:17 pm
this'll be short because it's 10:20 and I STILL HAVE NOT STARTED MY MATH HOMEWORK!!! OR finished reading that loong history packet. YAY! hehe. thank you very much, IB meeting and swim practice. oh well. IB was informative and swimming was tiring but needed. tomorrow we have no practice and i get to hang out with robby!! (aka the robbmeister according to adrienne teehee) I am proud of myself, I've been working well on my French project due Thursday. I think it'll go ok and then i'll have it DONE DONE DONE! and i have 2 fairly easy articles for spotlight due friday-- movie review of Ray and then TOK and scoreboard. hummm... i have water in my ear. got an email from austin-- yay! i cannot wait til christmas when everyone is hoooooooooooooome!!!!!!!!!!!!! yeeeeeeee! christmas eve is on a friday this year! cool. yawn. ok i need to work if i want to get any sleep tonight (ha!) we are playing the wonderful mary's christmas cd over and over and over... yeehah!

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