Thursday, November 04, 2004

10 pm
hallo. today was fine. swimming is getting better and i enjoy it a lot more than i think i will.
about the election: i feel bad for kerry muchos, and edwards, esp. after his wife got diagnosed w/ breast cancer yesterday. man, concession and a verrry bad illness all in one day. that really really sucks.
anyway, the jist of this is that several of my collegiate homefries and other livejournal peoples are very election sad and depress-ed and i totally understand that, cause i am too but i don't think to the extent that they are just bc they know more about all the politics stuff, but i am proud of myself because i feel like i paid a helluva lot more attention to this election than any other one in the past, and i spose that's because i am older than i have been during past ones. i hate being only a year off from voting, along w/ all my other friends. grrrowl. anyway, i hope people (aka my friends) don't really go through with "plans" to leave for canada or europe or somewhere where bush is not. i don't want em to go! and then people keep talking about a draft... which freaks the hell out of me. ickickick i really do not want to think about it right now. so i won't. this is just random ranting if you couldn't tell.
speaking of collegiates, i saw 5 on tuesday voting!! yay! alexandra, ann, katherine, nolan austin, and bailey! that made me very happy to see them all voting, and it also reminded me how old we all are. jeeeez-uz. austin standing in line with his WONDERFUL blue mohawk, i loved it. i love that potiphar, and it also reminded me how much i miss david and chris and eric and robert and all my big brothers. which i do, and which = I CAN'T WAIT FOR CHRISTMAS! i need need need it. yay.
i got a little book/brochure thing from kenyon today. i realllllllllllllllllllllllLLLLLLLlllllllllly like it a lot. right now it is my top college choice, not that i have looked around half as much as i should have but i really really like how it looks/sounds/is. it's purdy and small and quaint and has "english with an emphasis on creative writing" as a major. etc etc. yeehah. vee shall see, all shall be reveeled in good time mes darlingssssss.
this weekend (tomorrow!!!) = friday = possible dinner w/ parents, then LK's bday party with the gang; spend the night at megan's. saturday = habitat all day, 8:30-4:30, then movies at robby's house, YAY!!!!!!!! sunday = an actual normal sunday, the whole shebang. verry nice. je veux.
it is so nice to see baseball on the cover of Time rather than any political jazz this week
mom: maybe that [baseball] is what will get us through all this.
me: and that is why i LOVE AMERICA! BASEBALL!
well, i love america for alot of reasons, but that's a grrreat one. and all that free speech and liberty good stuff too. seriously. i love europe and asia and everywhere else but i love it here. it is my home and i am glad of that, no matter who is the leader of our country.

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