Sunday, October 24, 2004

9:54 pm
oooh well the blogger thingy says that i have posted 902 times so it's time for that big celebration!!:

YEEHAH!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!! from feb 17 2002 til now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ok thats all.

anyway haven't written in awhile i know. i kinda forgot where i stopped. i think it was tuesday when i last posted. so anyway on wednesday i got to go over to robby's for awhile at night because we had like no homework!!! eee yay. very rare occasions. so we ate dinner and watched seinfeld and such. good times. i love just hanging out with him and talking to him too, i love that we get along SO well. it was a nice break from the school intense stress world. then not much happened on thursday, mom dragged me to shop for wedding stuff but we didn't end up getting anything. on friday i went to school and then i walked straight to pumpkin patch in the blissful fall weather of the atl. i love it. emory is such a beautiful place to be a part of, i'm glad i've grown up here. then i sold pumpkins with the dear allumses!! including sophie the dog. god, coleman is so the typical annoying 12-year-old boy but GOD, it's SO WONDERFUL to have him EXIST and LIVE healthily!!!! (background-- he had cancer 4 years ago and it was fairly bleak for awhile i believe but he's all better now) every time i see him and i steal his hat or when he bounces his soccer ball around and teases his sisters i think silently, "thank god he CAN do all that, i'm so so so so glad." that there is a wonderful kid, ladies and gents. then i took off to the YAAB bathroom and frantically changed into my rehearsal dinner clothes (aka 9th grade homecoming dress and purple shawl i got for mommy in the USVI). then i ran as well as i could to the little chapel and got to watch the rehearsal for the wedding!! yayyayay. fun stuff. enoch was there! I LOVE ENOCH YOU GUYS. he's my dad's best friend and he lives in savannah on the top of the church and he is a preacher. he's hilarious and so caring all together, an "irreverent reverend" as mom said but so great. i would gladly have him do my wedding. then we went to the rehearsal dinner at the club. we sat w/ enoch and then leeanne's sister mary ellen and her husband jeff and their daughter reese. mary ellen is so wonderful!!!!! she is a great swimmer and knows janet evans and jenny thompson and all them and she is just hilarious. we had a great time. all those toasts were fun too and mary lynn sang a song etc... logan and simon were there too. yay! then we went home. on saturday mom and i went to the bride's luncheon at the swan house, very dressy and nice-- lots of good women. weezie, rebekah! (and lily kate!) and mary lynn, kel, lolly, anna laura, sarah, alice, anna, etc. then we went home and robby came over and we hung out for awhile and watched "young frankenstein." funny flick with my boy. then i went to THE WEDDING!!!!! it was so beautiful. i am so glad dan has found someone to be with. leeanne is just perfect for him. through all those girlfriends over the years, she is the best, she is the most perfect one for him. she's so happy and supportive and uplifting all the time. YAYYAYYAYYAY!!!!!!!!! good people there too, i enjoyed it. short service, then we hung out outside for awhile and then went to the reception!!! we got to stay the whole time at this one!! (when i was like 6 and david and kelly got married, mom and dad wouldn't let us stay the whole time and we never let them live it down) there was yummy yummy yummilicious food stuffs and then there was a GRRRREAT BAND!!!!!!! man we all danced a helluva lot, ages 2 to 80something!!! great songs, i loved dancing around with my family. the electric slide rocked, hehe. toasts were funny and loving too. it was all good, all GREAT. i love my family so so so so much. all of em. we actually got grandkid pics!!! WOW. yeehah.
today has been busy but good. went to sunday school and church. then went to panera with jack to talk about my writing!! YAY. that made me happy, i wasn't sure how well it would go but i enjoyed it a lot. i felt like a true writer having accomplished something. then he dropped me off at nana and pop pop's and gabe, bekah, lily, donald, anna laura, simon, and logan were still there and ML brought allison and brian over so we all had a fun time for about 2 hours together. then i walked to the sadowskis' for math tutoring. got almost all my hw done and understood it!! eee! then kirsten drove me to choir. it went well, good singing. then robby and i walked down to the village for dinner and came back and hung out. the program was a good discussion w/ chris hooker about the passion. v. interesting. then i came home and have been online talking to my boy and emailing and such. busy week coming up-- swimming starts!! ack! then FALL RETREAT!! *woot woot* hehe
love yall,

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