Tuesday, October 19, 2004

9:17 pm
grrr addy is telling me that robby was online but now he's not. *sigh* we haven't gotten to talk much lately, i should call him and tell him to get on. this week has been so long and i have not written in forever. sooo this'll be basically short.
on thursday night i went to mick's w/ mom, dad, mase, nana, pop pop, and robby. megs was supposed to come but then she had v-ball regionals. sigh, oh well, i love her. we had fun and it was extremely enjoyable. yummy yummy yummy. then robby came back home with us and when we pulled into the driveway, there were balloons and a rose on our mailbox!!!! from an anonymous somebody!!! ooooee. anyway, we hung out for awhile and such. it was extremely fun. i love my boy so much. i'm glad he could come.
on friday i slept and went to breakfast with katie! yay for big nonbiological sisters. we went to the crescent moon, our favorite hang out place. hehehe. i love getting together with her when she's in town, and now that she's a senior... gosh darn it all, what'll we do next year? well, depends on where she is/what she's doing, which she doesn't quite know. but she'll figure it out and whatever it ends up being shall be excellente. so after breakfast she dropped me off at the sadowskis' and no one was home yet but the door was open so i surprised megan and kirsten 10 minutes later when they came home and the door was opening... aaah! don't worry, it's only your normal math intruder. hehe. so we did math and robby and lizzie came over too. we took a break and talked about the aliens from the planet "neeoow psh" who invaded new zealand and what happened to the sheep population. wow. then mom came and picked me up around 3:30ish. then we got all ready for my party! and people showed up around 7, robby of course a little early, which i do not mind in the slightest. :) then the others showed up, good crowd: robby, LK, addy, allie, candler, ben, george, marty, vic, daniella, julia, henry, megan, emmy!, paul, jessie for a few minutes, am i forgetting anyone?... i sure hope not. if i am, slap me. good and hard. we had fun, talking, eating, dancing (ahem allie and LK ahem), computer games (ahem paul and masey), DDR (cough paul), crash pads (cough paul candler etc hehehe) and running around outside (it never occurred to me how much candler is like paul and mason too. those 3...i love them though, 1 my real little brother, 2 my honoraries). i got loverly presents, and robby wrote me a song!!!!!!!! eeeeeeeeeeeee! god i love it, it is so beautiful. i've listened to it for like 3 nights straight. and jules got me a button maker! hehehe. and then megs and lizzie got me a purse and bracelet and socks and such and etc. etc. julia and i found the sacred a&e bio of meee from last year, thank god! we were so afraid we had lost it but no! yeehah. my little bro has grown up so much. i love him so. so yay for party!
on saturday i slept from 1 am to 11:40 am. yess i needed that. then around 1ish dad and mase and i went to pumpkin unloading but surprise surprise, no new pumpkins there-- it was postponed til sunday. so we went back home and i played with my new scrapbook. then i went to kirsten's and megan's til 5:30 to do math work. then i came back home and robby was here and we hung out and drank tea and went to see "team america: world police." i was technically breaking the law since i would turn 17 in 6 hours but no one checked for id, hah. anyway, it was a hilarious movie and i loved being with my boy. he's the best guy a girl could ask for and i love him so much. then we went home and hung out a little and then he left. *sigh*
on sunday it was my actual... BIRTHDAY!!! although it did not feel like it at all. i went to breakfast with molls who gave me a very nice burned cd. yay! then went to sunday school and such and church. wesley must've known it was my bday bc he gave like a 15 minute sermon! that's all! 15! ack! hehe then the fam and i went to lunch at the club and back to the grandparent household where i was presented w/... a scanner!!! eeee! yayayay. haha. then mom and i skipped pumpkining and i took a nap and checked my email--- david remembered my birthday!!!! yesss big brother, i love him so. yeehah. then i worked some and went to choir at 5. i enjoy choir and westopher so much. then at youth we watched "the passion." it was a pretty brutal film, and i had to hide my eyes in robby's shoulder several long times but it was a well-made movie and i personally don't see much wrong with it controversially, but maybe as a christian i am biased. anyway, i am glad we watched it. i am looking fwd to the chris hooker led discussion next week.
yesterday i woke up with a fever so i stayed home. it made me mad bc #1 i missed the math midterm review and #2 i missed the accredidation team interview i was supposed to help with. grrr. oh well, i did get to lie in bed most of the day and listen to robby's song and read and sleep and stuff. but it still gets me out of sync. last night i went over to the sadowskis' for math stuff along w/ megs, robby dearest, lizzie, and jen this time too! i love her, i really do miss seeing her around. we worked and worked and i got home and went to bed around 10ish.
woke up today and went to school. fairly ehhhhhh (picture the noise jim carrey makes in dumb and dumber) day. spotlight is ticking me off, french was annoying too, history and lunch were blah, i missed most of math to go study at kirsten's til 5:30 which was tiring and such. i was in a fairly negative mood when i got home, also bc i hadn't seen/talked to robby hardly at all. so i got home and rested and such and ate dinner and then got to math and am actually feeling good about the midterm. yayayay!!! now i am talking to my boy and all is well. i love him so much. and i've been chatting with my squishy too, yayza.
tomorrow = wednesday. phew. god be w/ me and all of us.

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I lovelovelovelovelove you, too!
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