Monday, October 04, 2004

5:30 pm
comment ca va tout le monde? that was a little bit o' italian and french aussi. ok, hmmmm. what is up? well i guess i should go back to earlier this weekend:
SATURDAY= i slept til 10!!! ahhh that was so nice. Then robby picked me up at 12 and we went to panera (he can drive me now!!!) and got lunch, and then we drove to dhhs and then walked to lullwater. We hung out for 5 hours, we ate and talked and relaxed and had so much fun. i love my boy so much. he is so wonderful. :) goodtimes man. i love that i can talk to him about silly things or deep and important things. we have such a great relationship.
then he dropped me at home and i showered and got all ready for the party for lee anne and dan! yay! it was hosted by the "hostesses with the mostesses" those fabulous wesleyan ladies, and david, kel, ML & johnny, and of course we were there too. and then LA's family and nana and pop pop and everybody. the food was good and the company was fun, and i really enjoy seeing those 2 so happy together. i hope hope hope it lasts forever. i'm sure it will. the wedding is in less than 2 WEEKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *yesssssss!*
then i talked to robby and adrienne and megan for awhile when i got home. all very good.
SUNDAY= dressed up in jeans and went to sunday school and church because we had pumpkins later. nice service, said goodbye to kady mac, waaah! you go my americorps gal!!!! she should be in DC quite soon today, maybe already. anyway, church was normal and fine and nice and then we went to the YAAB and ate pizza and the pumpkins truck came around 1 pm. took us til 2:30 or 3 to get em all unloaded but it was a lot of fun, good songs, good company, good tired feeling afterwards. yay! went home and then rested and pulled some weeds and did some homework and went to youth, skipped choir. we decorated the patch and hung out and played "wink." that was fun! :) then i came home and finished my homework, even though i really wanted to talk to my boy, but oh well.
MONDAY= er, today. it was good! I've decided this is gonna be a good week. i distributed papers before school and then went to french, newspaper, APUSH, lunch, and pre-cal. it was all fairly ok for a monday. now i am home and relaxed and nice and it is gorgeous and blue outside. lalalalaaaaaa i love you all

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