Friday, October 08, 2004

5:21 pm
a nine-minute report on the past week::
TUESDAY=school, home, cross country meet @ 5, then to megan's later for math and then watched the VP debate. not half as fun or interesting as the prez's on last thursday. ah well. GO KERRY!
WEDNESDAY= school, went home and straight to the doctor for flu shots, which i am glad we got now bc even though we--mom, mase, and myself-- are in the high risk category, i am glad to get it over with especially since there is a shortage of vaccines. then i went home and then to megan's for awhile to work.
THURSDAY= went to breakfast club, yummy, then to school, then to a swim team meeting after school and then to a beth appointment. then came home and watched tv, surtout the braves-astros game. oh man, i am my grandfather's granddaughter, and my father's daughter, and i felt very american oldpastimey as i sat on the couch at home alone and screamed at the tv and bit my knuckles and prayedprayedprayed for them to win in extra innings. and then furcal did it!! i don't like it that he got DUI but i loooove it that he hit the winning homer!!!! and man, can charles thomas steal a base? hell yeah! wahoooOOOoo! yay. we're going to the series this year baby, i swear! it's all for me and my birthday, they did it when i turned 8, they'll do it now. hehe. *hopehopehope* then dad and i walked the dogs in the dark and then i went to megses for "math" aka trying on my dress!!! eeee it looks good and i am sooooo psyched about tomorrow night-- homecoming! acccK! yay. and i am so overjoyed that i have robby to go with. yay. ahhh. anyway.
TODAY= spirit day! wore my red and black and such and pins and leis etc. we did absolutely nothing in french except talk, make posters, and take pictures and watch disney in french. yay! in spotlight they were talking about "who's who" for seniors all day which was really funny and enjoyable to discuss. and i interviewed ms. woodall for my calendar article. then in APUSH we actually worked some *sigh* but oh well. i enjoy ms strickland, soooo much! talking to her is really really fun. she is a good teacher and a fun person. yayza. then in math we did nothing bc half the class was gone down at the float. i got a 71 on my quiz which isn't terrible and i have a 79.23 in the class!!! eee! i can make it to a b, i can! yessss. ms. ward is hilarious. yay. then we went and watched the parade, and may i mention that addy and rae and mom called my cell phone 3 TIMES in class!!! ack! oh well. anyway. addy, amy, rae, and mom were all there and we watched the parade. and i thought robby was gonna be on the truck but then he showed up and said that the truck was too heavy and they needed 3 people to get off so he got off and then they left!! it only helps along the fat joke, but whatever. i was glad he could be there with me. the parade is always so cool, i love the marching band playing especially cause that just makes it special. i dunno why. then we hung out outside a little and then went back to ms. ward's room and relaxed and did nothing. yayayyyyay. now i am home relaxing and we are all going to the football game tonight. yeehah devils! that's all...

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