Wednesday, October 27, 2004

5:20 pm
okay, mondayness...
went to school. ok day. 85 on my MIDTERM!!! EEEEEEEEEEEE! go meee!!! hehehe. la dee da so yeah. then i went home for a teeny bit and then went with paul to YLD at the juvenile courthouse. very interesting program and got to eat pizza and hang out w/ hannah and helen and tahsina and ginny etc. yayza. mock trial was interesting too. then i went home, and went straight to kirsten and megan's-- around 8:45 pm. worked on math some and went home about an hour later. then i went home and got to bed late. grrr. oh well.
yesterday, tuesday, i went to school and it was a pretty good day. then i went home and relaxed and started making SCRAPBOOKS!!!! FINALEMENT!!!!!!!!!! they finally got em into AM photo and we bought 4, hehe. so yay!!! then robby came over for dinner and we hung out some. i really enjoy getting to see him during the week, it makes me happy. then i went to the first swim practice *whine* god, i am so damn out of shape. it was water hell yesterday night. blecccch. but it did feel nice when i got home to go straight to bed and use the laptop and relax and such. i felt proud of myself even though i was soresoresoresoresore. i hope hope hope tonight will be muchos better. then we don't have practice tomorrow or friday. yesss!!
today was good. comp. lab for french, cool website. then in spotlight it was a free day so i organized my APUSH notebook and hung out and stuff. in APUSH it was normal and easy. lunch was fun. in math i laughed a lot comme d'habitude and also learned stuff basically. went home, ate ice cream, did math, and now this. talking to addy too. the only thing tonight is swim practice. i hope it goes FAST. i should write tonight. DAD GETS HOME TONIGHT!!!!!!!!!! thank god, i miss him so much when he is gone and he has been gone since SUNDAY! glad he is going on fall retreat. i hope the red sox win tonight. *REVERSE THE CURSE* even though i am a diehard braves fan. listening to gaelic storm... pretty irishness. i miss it. anyway ciao-- Fall retreat c'est vendridi!!!

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