Tuesday, October 12, 2004

4:27 pm
i would very much like summer to reappear, or actually even better, christmas. christmas WITH a new lord of the rings movie to look forward to also. that would be a great thing right about now. not that things are horrible mind you, things are actually fairly good aside from math and the facts that i have no time to do anything for school but the work that is due the next day. i keep forgetting that i have to do CAS hours also and fill them in and that i have 7 books to read by january and such. man. too many things all at once that will culminate together, ahhhhhhckckckck. and swimming starts on the 25th, damn and yay all at the same time. damn= how will i get all my stuff done with swimming too and i am out of shape and what if they expect more and oo i am scared. yay= actually exercising-->endorphins-->make you happy good friends good tired getting some CAS hours for that too.
today i took an ok APUSH test and a sucky math test. that pisses me off because i have been going over to megan's for like every single night to study for math and i went last night w/ robby and megan and we studied math and history and i felt really prepared for the math test but no, i got some but i looked at some of those problems and craaap. i just hate sitting there feeling stupid which is what happens, bc i know when i get it back i'll look and see all the stupid mistakes that i made and just feel completely idiotic and dumb. man i hate that. it makes me sooo mad. i even feel like a slacker sometimes but then mom says well you've been studying so much i hardly think you're a slacker. yeah well then how come it's apparently still not getting in to my head??? gosh damnit!
also, the braves lost which makes me sad. they are due to owe me a birthday present. who cares about the astros???? i'm sorry kaminiti died this weekend but i still wanted it so much. i wanted them to have it. no one expected them to come this far but it's not supposed to end like that anyway. it always always happens and i think that is what makes me the most "depressed"--aka not really depressed just disappointed-- is that they always get this close to it, soooooo close and then yet so far because even though they rallied like crazy in 2 out of the 4 games, they could not do it for game 5. they must choke or something, i don't really understand it but oh well. there's always next year. see, i haven't ever grown up with a losing team at home. 13 division championships and i was only 8 when they won the world series so it's not like i know anything else. all i'm saying is it seems like 10 years later would be a good time to win another. *pleasepleasepleasepleasepleaseplease* i believe in those guys so much. also, furcal has to go to jail today which sucks for him. but that's what happens when you violate your DUI probation.
and chris reeve died too. the wonderful superman, onscreen and off. even though spiderman is my favorite superhero he was still an incredible guy. it makes me sad because i truly believed he would walk again someday. i never even really think about him but the ironic thing was that john kerry mentioned him when he was talking about stem cell research during the debate on friday night. and then he was dead on sunday night. his wife dana is so cool, she did so much for him. i always remember her. and i always remember the scene from superman when he rewinds the earth to save lois from the earthquake. i wish someone could have done that for him. god be with him and his family. he was an amazing person. i'm glad he lived on this earth.
i suppose i should recount the weekend huh? well on friday night we met megan and robby at chik-fil-a and ate there before the game. robby puts an insane amount of ketchup on his fries, haha. then we went to the stadium and stood in the huge crowd of dhhs students. we were on the end which was good bc i don't think i would like being pushed around and such. the crowd goes about 6 bleachers deep by the way, the standing student crowd that is. it's at random times like these when there are a bazillion of us down there cheering our team that i realize how much i love my school, no matter how drunk they may be or any other problem. i think my school spirit runs deeper than the normal type, i will be walking down the catwalk or in front of the main building and just think, "god, this is such a pretty place!" which it is, and the people are truly unique too. we were winning the game 10-0 til the 3rd freakin quarter! not that i understand football very well but still. then the cops made affan, cean, ben, frank, and lee all leave because apparently they were standing on the edge and yelling "f**k the cop" and VERY mature stuff. hehe. oh well. so we ended up losing 14-10 but whatever. it was still fun. olivia cooney came!!! yay. then we gave robby a ride and went home.
on saturday i hung out mainly and then we went and got shoes for homecoming in about 10 minutes, yay, they are pretty and clear (like cinderelly!) and silverish with a low heel. yessss. then we went and sold pumpkins with george in the cool crisp october air. i always enjoy pumpkin selling. then mom dropped me off at nana and pop pop's and pop pop was there but then he left for the silver tea at the stapletons' so i took a nice long shower and got ready for homecoming, and then took a nap in my favorite bed in the world, the one in mary lynn's and my old room. ahhh how i adore that bed. pop pop came home and drove me to the sadowskis' around 6ish and daniella, rachael, melissa, and maggie were all there. then rach freaked about me and robby not color-coordinating so she CALLS him up and asks him what color shirt he is wearing, blahblahblah... silly girls. i really don't care. then i got all dressed up in my cinderelly dress and shoes and it was soooo pretty, i love feeling pretty. the boys started coming around seven, and mollie and maia etc came before then of course to get ready. everyone was there and megan and LK come busting in from v-ball running down the hall going "AHHHHH!" it was quite funny even though they were late. then they showered and got ready, we took pictures and stuff, and then took off in our automobiles to get to the italian oven. robby took me and mollie. there was a horrible car crash on north decatur, the car was split and wrapped around a telephone pole near kyoto joe's and there were so many police cars, i was really scared because that is so close to the school and i thought it could be a student on the way to the dance but it wasn't. thank goodness but god be with those affected by it. anyway the italian oven was fun. we wrote on the table cloths and ate food. our waitress was peppy and collected which is good when you're around us and everyone behaved themselves very well. then we went to the actual dance. it was ok, the music was rap rap rap rap rap and one country song that everyone booed and walked off the dance floor, haha. sad. did the cha cha slide though. then robby and i sat outside in the lobby while mase, o-dizzle haha and jon jon and others played hacky sack. silly boys. oh well it was still fun. there was one slow dance that robby and i danced to, and then we all left around 11. we went back to megan's house and such and lotsa people went downstairs to play ping pong but robby and i stayed upstairs and talked and relaxed which was nice. i went to bed around 2:30 am and woke up around 9:30, most other people didn't sleep hardly at all. they were all watching "priscilla queen of the desert" when i woke up.
then, incredibly, robby, mase, and i went to sunday school and church. SS= molls vs. john m. ohhh lordie. oh well. then at church CHRIS WAS THERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! man i have missed him so much, i was so happy to see him. yayayayayayay. then we went to panera w/ nana and pop pop and then home and i napped and did some work. then went to choir and youth-- only 2 people invited a friend, whoops-- and had a good time. fun obstacle course, robby got me through it and i was blindfolded. then we did trust falls but i didn't NOT BECAUSE I DON'T TRUST MY BEST FRIENDS but because it freaks me out.
lalala yesterday was ok, robby came over and we did history and then we ate dinner and went to megses for math and history. she isn't feeling that well and she stayed home today so i hope she is feeling better. last night we put on our dresses again and kirsten took pictures of us, heehee. then robby drove me home.
tomorrow is the PSATS so no french and no spotlight. then thursday is the metaphorical friday and i get to miss math because of a dr's appt. then thursday night is family dinner and then friday is my birthday party! saturday = habitat and then sunday= MY BIRTHDAY!!! :):)
wow this has been long. but it needed to be written. lalala. bye folks

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hey it's helen and WHEW! that was a long one. i think i could have finished one act in the crucible during that time :P just teasin'. can't wait to see you in one week, love!