Sunday, October 31, 2004

2:03 pm
YAY back from fall retreat '04!!
anyway, though, to thursday-- er, wednesday I guess. 2nd Swim practice was easier than the first, though still soreness. Swam over 1/2 a mile though, yeehah. Then came home and watched the BoSox and the Cards but stayed up only til the 8th inning which was quite silly bc i really wanted to see the Sox REVERSE THE CURSE, which they did. YAY! Even though I wanted my Bravos to win it *sigh*. NExt year, dudes.
Then on Thursday I went to breakfast club with the usual crowd and such, and school was fine. Made an article list in spotlight, good articles-- YAY! Esp. excited about the editorial on 25-book-a-year thing. Damn, we have homeroom tomorrow and i gotta remember to do that stupid fill out the sheet thing. grrrowl. Anyway, after school went to the pumpkin patch with kirsten to work my 3rd shift/do my math homework. Walked to the village to get a snack and back in the rain. Then studied math and read history and i understood all the math!! YAY! i am so glad that is going well so far. Yeehah. Megs came from v-ball and we hung out and read etc. Then they took me to the school around 6:30 and I went to the orchestra concert to see robby, maggie, jonjon, peter, etc. etc. It was very good. I saw Mary Ann and sat with Kara, whom I loove so much. She cracks me up up up. Then I went home around 8:30. Packed, did work, slept.
On friday school was fine... the math quiz thing went really well for me, I struggled over 2 problems but then figured one out!! And got the bonus too. YAY!!! Hehehe. Then went to the YAAB with robby and mason (megs got checked out early to pack) and everyone showed up to go on fall retreat *woot woot*! good van: dad drove, megs, laine, george, robby, moi, nathan, ben, and allie. listened to silly comic routines on ben's speakers and such. stopped at chik-fil-a for le diner. yummmmers. got to GLISSON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! around 8 pm. unpacked, went to G-5(!!!! 2000!!) which is now NEW and then to the new cagle center which i had never seen. it's GORGEOUS! we had it all to ourselves too. good retreat led by chris and masey. went to bed around 11:30 but had girl talk with: martha, christinia, megs, allie, laine, addy, and amy til 1 am. i loooove girl talk!! esp w/ amy, she is so wonderful and fun to talk to and she supports us in everything. woke up at 7:30ish, had breakfast, session, then free til from like 10:30 to 4 pm. hung out with robby and others and watched people play soccer and football on the baseball field and wrote notes etc. then carved pumpkins, took a typical glisson picture (by the falls) in our prettty orange shirts and sang loudly to the beatles. then went to dinner and then had another session and a pretty candley-worship. sat outside with megan dearest and people sang and such. really beautiful. then we went in at 8 and.... WENT TO MASEY'S SURPRISE PARTY!!!!! heeheehee. he thought they (he chris and rae) were going to the store to get ice for a counselors' prank hehehe. so we all hid and as at megan's party, marty and i were yelling SHUT UP GUYS!!!!!!! then he came in and he was SO SO SO SHOCKED! and mom and cheryl came too!!! i love seeing him so surprised. then we sat him down outside and sang and had cupcakes and then LILY CALLED!! awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. that is so adorable. and we all hung out and then the gals realized that ben and nathan were gone and that aint good when you're on a retreat... so we all headed down a little while after that to see how they had pranked us. (shaving cream on the mirror and counter, toilet paper) then instead of capture the flag we watched "indiana jones and the last crusade." then robby and i went for a walk and then i talked to addy (*duh*) and megs. then we went to bed and talked sommore. today we woke up and ate breakfast and had another little session and cleaned up and hung out and left. martha was in our van too this time, yay. listened to musique. i love my best friends and my boy and everyone in youth and our counselors and my daddy and mommy and masey. YAY! and not much homework!!
no school tues. b/c it is the election but i'll be working all day. dear god, i cannot believe it is finally here!! god i ask that you please keep everyone safe and let it not be too chaotic and let the people of this great country be able to cast their vote and make their opinion count.

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