Friday, October 01, 2004

10:44 pm
aloha, folks,
wazzzuuup?? i haven't blogged at all lately, been to bed around midnight almost every night this week. whoooooo. i cannot really think back to what has happened over this past week because i haven't really recalled it since i have been so busy. well on monday night i went to youth leadership dekalb, which was great because i got to see everyone! like laura, ginny, helen! hannah, all the guys, etc etc. oh by the way it was raining torrents that day because of hurricane jeanne. we did a program on the 7 habits and that's where i wrote my little thing i posted wednesday night. i love those guys, i am SOSOSOSOSO glad i decided to do that program. those people are all so awesome. and we had chik-fil-a for dinner and i snagged an extra one for lunch the next day! then on tuesday after school lizzie and i walked to starbucks in the village before megan's volleyball match and then we went to that-- they won all of their games! yeehah megs and lady red devils! daddy came too and i got to hang out with him a lot which i hadn't done lately because we have both been really really busy. then i went straight to megses for math w/ lizzie and megs. phew. then i went home and did work and crashed. on wednesday... we took the writing test about whether the media should include information about politicians' private lives when reporting on elections etc. so we got to miss 1st period and had only an hour of 2nd. then after school i got to come home!! for a while. and then i went back to the sadowskis' for math work, and left around 6:30. so had a more normal evening at home which was very needed and nice. on thursday we went to breakfast club, and then to schooooool... normal day. i went home and then went to SMS at 5 to see mase run in his final CC meet, the jv invitational. he did ok but got sick in the woods etc and i felt bad for my sweet little bro. oh well, he is better. then i went home and went to megan's a little while later for math work and watching the debate. OK THE DEBATE: KERRY SO WON, YALL. if you think bush won....... please explain yourselves because i have no idea how you could think that. wow. he was defensive, he was disrespectful (rolling his eyes and looking sulky while kerry was talking!!!), he had one point against kerry: that his only consistancy is his inconsistancy. and then kerry just beat him to a pulp on all the issues, not only with his poise but with his knowledge of all the information jim lehrer asked about and with his WONDERFUL VOCABULARY!!!! ahh to have an intelligent president again.... anyway, megs and i had a good time watching the whole 90 minute thing and pointing things out and laughing and yelling and stuff. yay! then today... in french we had culture day with yummy nourriture and stuff and hung out with jessi, MKT, elleny, maia, LK, etc etc. and we voired finding nemo en francais. funfunfun! then i went to spotlight and just started feeling terrible. i had really, really bad cramps that i don't normally get and i was in so much pain that i got through that class and then walked really fast to APUSH because my knees were so weak and ms strickland was really nice and said i didn't have to take the quiz and such and around 12:25 pm mom came and picked me up to go home. i got home and changed into shorts, took some painkillers, and watched "friends" and took a nap. then i realized that was feeling better and wanted to go to lennox w/ the girls, but i called and it looked like i couldn't go because they were taking daniella too and maggie was the only one driving. but like an hour later melissa called and said "megan is driving me now, do you want to come??" and THEY CAME AND PICKED ME UP! i have the best friends in the world. and when i told them that, they said in unison, "i know." jeez those "twins" are freaky. the M gals, as robby calls them, hehehe. we went to lennox and met maggie and daniella and looked at jewelry, shoes, etc. etc. then we went to target and saw carts go up the escalator! *gasp* and i got pretty jewelry that matches my dress material and such. and then maggie and daniella left. and melissa and megs and myself went to phipp's and ate at johnny rocket's!!!!! I LOVE THAT PLACE. we sat at the counter on stools and ate burgers and grilled cheese s/wiches and onion rings and sipped cokes and lemonade and put nickels in the jukebox and played "wild thing" etc. i love my gals. then we looked around a little more and then drove to ANOTHER target hehe and they tried on shoes and then i called robby in the car to figure out about tomorrow (we are going to panera and then lullwater---yay!!! substantial robby time) and then we went home and we showed mom what we got-- successful trip! YAY. now i have been talking to my boy for awhile. i love it that it is finally the weekend, this week was soo dang long. tomorrow is fun-- robby time and then at night family party for dan and leeanne!! YESSSS! i love my family.
ok, i love you all

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Anonymous said...

hola! guess what?! not chicken butt, I KNOW LAURA-KATHERINE DAVEY!!!!!! haha she does MARC with me! :)