Tuesday, September 07, 2004

9:22 pm
ok, this is JUST FOR ADRIENNE!!!! lol. and helen of course, and all other peoples who read my blog. YALL ARE THE COOLEST EVER!!! :-) and i shall adore you forever. anyway...the mountains twas very, very enjoyable and a much-needed break. i read "welcome to the world, baby girl!" by fannie flagg, which, if yall haven't read it, is a brilliant book by a brilliant woman. and we hung out on the dock and went in the boat and on sunday i swam across the lake and so did mom and megs. the ladies are strong! lalalaaaa. and the whole time we ate really yummy food. i just love being up there in nature, it is such a special place for me. it always has been and i think as i get older i come to appreciate it even more. and being with nana and pop pop and my dearest parents and silly little bro and my could-be sister megan was very good. we got back on sunday evening and i relaxed and watched "jurassic park", some of it. that is a grrreat movie. it reminds me of being 6 years old, along with the "help!" cd by the beatles. and jumping on a trampoline in my living room on a cool, misty october saturday waiting for people to come to my birthday party. then yesterday, robby and megs and marty and vic and addy all came over and mainly we watched seinfeld (marathon!!! yeehah! helen-- it rocked!! yay for pez!) and ate pizza and played outside some and then they left and robby and i watched the rest of the marathon, which was so nice, as spending time with him always is. he left around 8:) and then i did some hw and relaxed and such and also talked for quite a long while to both my lizzie and my megs which were both great conversations.
this morning i woke up 'round 4:30 am bc it was really windy and rainy b/c of hurricane frances and such and i had a hard time going back to bed bc i was semi-scared of the wind and all the trees we have around here and how they could fall on the house if provoked or pushed. then i actually WOKE up at 6:50ish and got ready for school, etc. i was downstairs eating pizza for breakfast when the phone rings and mason goes "hello.... WHAT????????????"
it was martha osborne telling us that school was CANCELLED!!!!!!!!!!!!! eeeeeeeeeeeee! so we checked the tv and the radio and lo and behold! she was right!!! eeeeeeeeeee! so i called megs, who freaked, and then we just... relaxed. didn't go back to sleep bc i didn't feel like it and megan came over around 8:30. we alternated between editing "spotlight" and watching tv and relaxing. i love having my almost sister over. we baked a yummy chocolate fudge pie too, and watched dawson's creek. ahhh bliss. then later marty and vic came over, bearing "the best of will ferrell on SNL" which was hysterical!!! then megs had to leave and m and v and mase and me played "cranium." they left and i have been relaxing after eating dinner, and megs and i finished editing over the phone. now i'm doing this...
addy this is ALL FOR YOU!!!! you want it long? You got it!!
I love you all
-clairey bear

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