Monday, September 20, 2004

8:55 pm
aloha peoples
addy told me to blog and of course for her i'll do (almost) anything. i haven't written since friday anyway so i might as well.
lalalalallaaaaaaaaaaaaaa isn't that interesting? oh yes, claire, anything you say/type is interesting, you say. bc that is why you are here! you read about my life bc you loooooove me! hehehe. ok the ego is a little outta whack, heehe and i am going to stop now.
hey, news flash to all of yall out there who actually care about me: MY BIRTHDAY IS 3 WEEKS FROM SUNDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) oct. 17 if you cannot count. heeeeeeheeeeeeee yay. sometime soon i should start a countdown, but not as soon as lizzie does it. hehehe. and of course tomorrow is her birthday!! YAY! we are gonna go down the catwalk saying "hey it's her birthday! see her? it's her birthday!" i wish i could bake her some oreos but i dunno if i have the stuff at the moment. maybe later this week.
this weekend was fun. on saturday mommy dearest and i went to panera for our traditional breakfast, but we hadn't done it in quite a long while, not even during the summer i don't think. i love her so much. then we went to hancock to buy my homecoming dress fabric!!! Eeeeeeeee! hehe. it is totally a cinderella color. then we went to kirsten's and i did math for... 2 hours!! wahoooooo! (not.) but i do love K, she makes it enjoyable. then she drove me to the wesley woods singing for good neighbor day. the vinnie girls, robby, coleman, and daddy were some of the ones who attended. i always enjoy that a lot. then daddy took me home, well first we went to the library, and got some movies. i came home and relaxed and watched "the music man" etc. THEN i went to melissa, peter, and daniella's birthday party!!! it was soooooooo fun. i loooove our group of friends. a few who attended: the 3 celebrants bien sur, robby, maggie, rach, maia, paul!, jonjon, reed, andy, owen, megs (v-ball queen!), julie, NAZIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! etc. yay. we don't need outside influences such as alcohol etc at our parties because we are so crazy without them. we spent the first part of the party sitting in her living room THROWING packs of raisinettes, mnms, skittles, and starbursts at each other. they literally hit heads and they hurt! then we went around doing fish faces. etc. it was so fun. pizza and cake, opening presents, cracks about "robby's girlfriend" and "claire's boyfriend", melissa caking nazia, taking pictures... good good good times. i love those guys. a grad ad is in order next year!
on sunday it was a normallllll sunday!!!!!!!!!! FINALEMENT!!!! hadn't had one of those in sooooooooo long. went to sunday school and then church, helped with the missions thing by carrying in a sign during processional. then we had a good service. lotsa good peoples present. and... then went to LUnCH AT THE CLUB!!! with my wonderful parents, grandparents, and brother. yeehah. yummmmmmy food. then went home and took a nice catnap in the sun in the living room for an hour. hehe. then got ready to go to church early cause mase had to set up for the dinner thing. robby came too and we hung out for 30 minutes or so. then we had choir and molls came! YAY! it was good to see her. then we had our taste of TN dinner. fun fun fun and good slide show. yay. came home...
today = a great day bc i had a publix sub for lunch! hahaha. it was cold this morning. pretty good day though. hm. best news of day = I GOT AN 87 ON THE MATH TEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! thank you god. wahoooooooooooOOOOOOooooooooooo. went to the sadowskis' for math with K after school, then megs got home and we draped suzy the dummy w/ my pretty dress material. then she drove me home. ahh nice weekend.

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