Wednesday, September 15, 2004

5:28 pm
musique = "heaven" los lonely boys, fairly good chanson but OVERPLAYEDDDD
yawn. hallo. not much is going on. it's cloudy outside bc the hurricane is coming soon i guess. that scares me. god please be with us. i also got a c on the math quiz i thought i aced and such and then had a not-so-good test today. that pisses me off so much. but on the good side i don't have that much hw tonight. i am starving. everyone's out except me doing things. i love it because helen always signs my blog. ooh it's the jo jo song now. i cannot wait til sat. night bc it is lizzie/daniella/peter's party. and nazia'll be there!! when i got home i ate salad with italian dressing and cheese and it was soooo yummy. but i am still hungry. at the moment, being alone in the house, i feel very alone in general. but don't worry or anything, i just want people home. i hope daddy gets home safely from his trip to DC. yesterday i went to the CC meet and saw helen (yay!) and then afterwards i walked around shamrock the whole way and sang old middle school chorus songs and such and remembered my time there which was so long ago but sometimes seems like yesterday. nhs meeting today and then lizzie tried to get me to sign up for homecoming court but i did not want to. at lunch we discussed god and religion. 14 years ago madame juju broke her back. ok can you tell i am in a random mood? well i am. oh yes and in spotlight danny proclaimed me the queen of appositives and long sentences etc with "more to come" haha i loved that i feel special. i really enjoy him and james hartzell. too bad they are seniors. then megs and i and those 2 made our own vents for the paper (shhhh) and they are good. example: that was ms. ward's aflac (tm) duck on WDHS 9-14-04. hehe ok.
god be with all those who are going to be affected by ivan. keep us safe please please please all of us and our friends and family and belongings. stuff like this scares me.

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