Wednesday, September 22, 2004

5:13 pm
what is up my homey gs? hehe... ok. anyway. yesterday was MELISSA'S BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!! i tried to get her to wear a sign saying "it's my birthday" but she wouldn't. and she's the one who wanted everyone to know it, jeez lizzie! aieeeeeee sorry that's a word that is in martha's and my french dialogue and i think it is a funny word. peter sent me good pictures of the party on saturday. lunch was fun etc etc. and i understood the math!!! YAYAYAYAYAY!!! i now have a 78 in that class and i got an 87 on the test!! ahhh that is so good. i think that one-on-one work with kirsten must be helping a lot. oh, megan said that she woke up early yesterday morning and walked into the kitchen and saw suzy the dummy with my dress material on it and got freaked out. heeheheheeee. sooooo yesterday i hung around and went to the cross country meet and silly lakeside dominated but it was still fun... and for dinner we had yummy sausages in buns with mustard. mmmmmmmmm! i want that dinner again, it was so yummy. and then went to the sadowskis' later. oh yes and in math yesterday (jonjon has been telling everyone this so i might as well broadcast it for the whole cyberworld to see) we were talking about how lizzie can legally drink in 4 years and jonjon said:

i can see claire in 4 years now, working at a strip club to pay her way through medical school...
and then i turned around and said:
never ever ever ever EVER medical school!

and then everyone laughed a lot and i finally said:

and not a strip club either.

ha!!! ok. so yes. today i went to school... we did body mass index in french for the whole county and mine is 21.03 doing it the european way. dumdummmmm... in spotlight, MS T-SANG SUBBED FOR MS WELSH!!!!!!!!!!! ahhh i love her. she still called frank frankie! but i couldn't spend much time with her, i basically had to run around to the comp. lab and to the gym to find cammack etc to get sports scores for the scoreboard. man i am NOT volunteering to do that again. hehe. and then i semi-crammed for my ap ush quiz that i didn't study for. in APUSH the quiz was fairly easy actually... then we did a big lecture. lunch was silly bc we split up to 2 tables!!! why??? bc owen made everyone get up and move, er, well, everyone followed him when he got up. silly owen. math was easy bc i understood the hw and i understood the lesson and i just looove ms ward and that class bc it is so funny. now i am HOME! not much else...


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Anonymous said...

claireeeeeeee! I REPLIED TO YOUR EMAIL. :) SEE YOU REALLY REALLY SOON! and really = ONE DAY so really really = TWO DAYS! HOORAYYYYYYY