Wednesday, September 29, 2004

4:46 pm
something quick

i am all about LOVE. my parents, family, friends, and god have taught me this. i want to make others happy. i am peaceful and i admire respect and acceptance. i want to be dependable and a person people can count on when they need someone. i want to be kind and i want to have no fear to love, whether it be good friends or a new kid. i want to write and share with the world and i want to write to remember my experiences. i want to love unconditionally and not pre-judge and i want always to be hopeful and optimistic and God-trusting. i want to go to sleep at night with comfort and contentedness and i want a little home in a village that i can curl up in and i want a fire and tea and music and arms around me and laughter.

-- written at YLD on monday night


Anonymous said...

i LOVE you! :) have a great day, hun!

Anonymous said...

Sweetie, you sound like a Buddhist. THink about that alternative spirituality a little bit...

Love you dearly and always, Mollie