Monday, September 13, 2004

4:45 pm
musique= "and the rain will wash away, i believe it..." --counting crows? i dunno but it sounds like them
sorry i have not written in awhile, i know, i know, but i have been busy as usual. so i spose i should start at the beginning, er, i mean friday.
wellll the day was really long and i was snifffing during school all day long. grrrrowl do you know how annoying that is?? your nose is red and people like grivas say "why are you crying?" and it is sore and you have to press against your nose so you don't sneeze during class. yuecch. in francais we finished watching "le colonel chabert" or whatever w/ big-nosed depardieu but us jrs got to leave early bc we had a meeting in the theater about...
...drum roll...
ha, it was great we got to sit in the gorgeous theater for 30 minutes and watch a power point presentation about getting the ($$$$) class rings. it was fun, i love our "posse", our row of people-- melissa, peter, robby, daniella, megs, LK, paul, jon jon, etc. etc. good good people. i can't wait for peter/lizzie/daniella's party on saturday night, that'll rock. anyway, it was fun and time-wasting. then went to spotlight and had a staff meeting and worked on articles after that. in ap us history, we did worksheets i think, i don't really remember. lunch was fun of course, always is, with maia, jon jon, lizzie, peter, daniella, megs, reed, etc. yay. then math was silly bc we argued about taking or not taking the 2-3, 2-4 quiz and then 2/3 of the class ended up taking it but not me and lizzie and some others, so we sat around and did other work. i was still sniffing by this time and i had a headache too. then megan and i went home with kirsten and she packed and i sneezed and tried to get french done (ha!) and then we looked at the class ring website and tried to design one but it didn't work. if we both get one, we are getting matching princess ones. i just made one online, it's really coooool! then we went and picked mase up from CC and went by chik-fil-a for dinner. then we went home and finished packing and left with mom for camping 'round 7ish. (dad went early) we drove and got there around 9:45 at night and everyone was already there, of course. allie, addy, laura!!! matt, robby :) daniel, etc. YAY! we hung out in our tent for awhile and then walked around and people went to sleep and robby and i stayed out and talked some too. then megs and allie and i slept in our tent and were nice and warm and cozy. i love my girls.
megan woke up around 7:30 or so on saturday but allie and i slept at least another hour. i wanted to be up at 8:46 because that's the time that the first plane hit the WTC 3 years ago. so we got up around 8:30 and we hung around the fire and went for a walk for a bit (and it was 8:46 when we walked across the bridge and the creek and i started humming "america the beautiful") and then ate a yummy breakfast-- pancakes and BACON mmmmmmmm it is even better when you don't have it that much, which i don't. we hung out... what did we do after that? hmmm. oh yes, megs and mase and allie and chris antley and others played cranium and we all watched. thanks to those humdingers robby is now making allie a cd of songs she doesn't know, such as "born to be wild." :) katie ob made a model of michael phelps out of the purple cranium clay hahaha!!! i REALLLLLLLY enjoyed hanging out with her and sheridan, that was awesome. those gals are soooo wonderful and hilarious to me. i am so glad they are often around. then people climbed up that tall hill and played mafia and we ate lunch and such. then sheridan, matt, katie, addy and i all went bike riding for awhile-- that was great, having the wind blow in your face and it's cold but not too cold and through the campsites like we always do. i love the tradition and beauty of it all. then i hung out with barbara and read the paper and vogue while robby, daniel, mase, candler, etc. all figured out that the cement tires in the poles are actually EXTREMELY fun and entertaining!! i am shocked that wasn't figured out earlier in the zillion years we've been coming here. then megs and i started designing our homecoming dresses. eeee!! i don't have to buy one, kirsten's gonna make ours!!! :) i feel special. and robby and laura were planning out teams for a capture the flag game that never materialized. hung out with katie and sheridan a lot too, yay! then dinner was ready. it was really good chicken tacos. what else happened???? hmmmmmm... the campfire was really fun, art played some and the youth sang and andy and robby drummed and then laura started to sing "o brother" songs for her dad and then he came up with her and the whole family, sans lynette (p-a-t-t-e-r-s-o-n hehe) sang "man of constant sorrow" and "in the jailhouse now"!!! hahahah i got some pictures. i loove that family. i am so happy laura could come back for that. it didn't seem like she's in college. tom also had a song called "standing indian" instead of "on the road again." hehehe. creativity runs rampant at glenn baby... the crowd kind of dissipated and then the youth stayed up for awhile. soon it was just megs and allie and robby and me and then the gals left and robby and i hung out for a bit :) and then i went to bed.
megs again woke up early and allie and i slept til 9 this time. got up and ate mountain man's breakfast and chatted with katie and sheridan and my peoples. then commenced to packing and such. took off around 12ish and got home by 3. ladeeedaaa. i was really exhausted when i got home. relaxed some and then did some work. skipped choir and youth, sadly, but went over to megan's (without her there) to do some math review w/ K before the quiz. it went well! i really enjoy that family. then megs got home and we told K about the dresses and megan drove me home and we had some time to catch up (ha, yeah, bc we hadn't seen each other in what, 4 hours?? gasp!). home, did more work and went to sleep. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ
TODAY finally = i thought it was gonna be annoying and bad just bc it was monday and well, other things i guess like a math quiz but it turned out to be great. at times it just hits me how much i love my school. it is so great. well first i went in early at 7:45 to help distribute papers but they didn't end up getting out today because the dues and rolls are still out of order. went to french-- madame rocks so much. also jessi and maia and everyone else even though lots of em are waaaay annoying at times. walked with lizzie and robby between classes and saw paul (we exchanged like 4 emails last night which was fun, i really miss him) and went to spotlight. edited coach flowers' article against matt's on standing for the flag, it is a great article but needed grammatical assistance. man this paper is gonna be a whopper. i really like that class too. ms. welsh is AWESOME dude. in ap ush we were in the comp. lab doing a REALLLLLY easy internet assignment all period. lizzie and i sat next to each other and kind of worked together and had a great time, i love her so much. she is my laughter buddy, my crazy pal since 3rd grade. YAY! we even recalled back that horrid 5th grade day when we both got a 21 on that science worksheet, heehehe. goodtimes. lunch was good too, the usual crowd. math was actually GOOD!!! as in the quiz went WELL!!!! eeeeeeeee! phew. ms. ward is excellent. i love all my teachers. YAY!
that's all. i really do need to go work now.
musique= accidentally in love :)


Anonymous said...

whew, long entry! i bet that equals like one chapter in the great gatsby im supposed to be reading, but you're worth it of course ;o) YAY FOR SEEING YOU TODAY AT SHAMROCK! wish i could have stayed and talked to you! just wanted to say hope you have a great week at school and i'll be seeing you sooN! love you hun! -helen

Adrienne said...


love, me